December 22, 2012

Happy Winter Solistic (Dongzhi festival) ~ 冬至快乐 ^ ^

Sweet vs Savoury glutinous rice ball, which is your choice??
...甜汤圆和咸汤圆, 那个你爱呢??

Sweet glutinous rice balls (tang yuan)..三色甜汤圆.

Savoury glutinous rice balls (tang yuan)...咸汤圆.

Dry glutinous rice balls...干汤圆.

Soupy vs Dry glutinous rice ball, which have you tried??
...汤和干的汤圆, 你试了哪种呢??

Glutinous rice balls is called 'tang yuan..汤圆' in Chinese.

Sweet soupy 'tang yuan' is the one we use to eat. My mum like to make them into dry 'tang yuan' which it is rolled into soy bean powder or peanut powder. 
Today we have three ways of serving the 'tang yuan' .. the soupy and sweet 'tang yuan', the savoury and soupy 'tang yuan' and the dry 'tang yuan'.

Sweet tang yuan..甜汤圆

 Dry tang yuan...干汤圆.

Savoury tang yuan..咸汤圆.

甜汤, 汤圆是我们最常吃的那种. 我妈妈喜欢干的汤圆再洒上一层炒香的黄豆粉,非常好吃呢!
咸汤, 汤圆是我嫁了给夫君,来到他家才学会吃咸汤,汤圆.
今天,我们家吃了三种汤圆, 就是甜汤圆, 咸汤圆和干汤圆.

First, it is the common sweet soupy glutinous rice balls. This year i am making  colourful 'tang yuan'. My boys learn how to appreciate this chinese culture dessert for celebrating 'dongzhi' this year. 

先来个甜汤圆吧! 今天做了彩色的汤圆还有内馅的. 宝贝们今年也学会珍惜华人传统佳节美食. 就像这汤圆,他们都学会吃也慢慢的爱上了..:D

 I believe you may have seen lots of our blogger friends, like (Ah Loy) making colourful tang yuan with all natural colour. Getting all the three colour of tang yuan from purple sweet potato, pumpkin and pandan leaves. I saw this three colour tang yuan from Jessie's blog.

 相信大家也在很多部落格的朋友们那看见很多色彩的汤圆. 她们用的都是天然的色素呢!
我是在Jessie家看到这三色的汤圆, 觉得好好看就做了来给宝贝们吃:D
紫色是紫薯, 黄色是南瓜和青色是班兰叶.

 Make some into polka dots ones..what do you think of these??
贪玩的我:p 做了波点的汤圆...你看看如何??

~Peanut and butter filling~

Two types of filling- peanut and red bean. Shawn likes peanut, Sam likes red bean and Seanan likes both..:D How about you, which do you like?
内馅做了两种口味, 花生和豆沙. 大宝贝喜欢花生, 二宝贝喜欢豆沙而小宝贝两样都喜欢..那你呢?
~red bean filling~
Three colour tang yuan
Recipe adpated from :Jessie-Cooking Moment and 
                              Famous Cuisine volume #123
食谱来自: Jessie-Cooking Moment和美味风采第123期

Ingredients for peanut filling:
120g peanuts, finely grounded
50g castor sugar (i use 40g)
40g butter 

To do: 

  • Combine all together and rolled into small balls.
  • Keep in fridge chilled until needed.

Pandan Ginger syrup ingredients:
4 pandan leaves, tied into knot
2 cups of water
Few tablespoons of brown sugar (sweetness depends on individual)
2 slices of ginger

To do:
  • Boil all the above ingredients with medium heat until sugar dissolves. Turn heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes.
Glutinous rice ball ingredients:
a) 35g mashed pumpkin, 80ml water, 100g glutinous rice flour
b) 35g  mashed purple sweet potaote, 90ml water, 100g glutinous rice flour
c) 95ml freshly squeezed pandan juice (from 7 pieces pandan, cut into small pieces and blend with  90ml water), 100g glutinous flour

To do:
  • Mixed a into a smooth and non sticky dough. Cover with wet towel. (i used a cling wrap to cover) 
  • Tips: Add water slowly while making the dough. If the dough is too dry (it will crumbles easily) add a little water, eg. 1/2 tbsp at a time. If the dough too wet or too sticky add some flour, eg. 1/2 tbsp at a time.
  • Note: Different batch of flour the absortion of water level is slightly different so do take note. 
  • Repeat the above step to b) and c) to make sweet potato dough and pandan dough respectively.

To make the ball as above:
1) Squeeze out a small portion of 10g dough.
2) Flatten a little. Thick at the side, a litt;e concave in the middle.
3) Put in the filling.
4) Slowly push the sides towards the filling and cover/seal it completely.
5) Roll into a small ball. Roll lightly to prevent crack. If the dough crack, just use some extra dough to cover the crack and lightly roll into a ball again.
6) Repeat to the rest of the dough until all dough are used up.

To boil the glutinous balls:

  • Boiled a pot of water. Add in glutinous rice balls, boiled until it floats up.
  • Scoop out the boiled glutinous rice balls into a bowl and serve with pandan ginger syrup.

For tips on how to keep large quantity of glutinous rice balls in freezer, please hop over to Jessie to view.
i will share the Savoury Tang Yuan and the Dry Tang Yuan next.

We also had Hakka Yong Tofu today which is the highlight dish :p
We always had Yong Tofu in any festival celebration.

i actually going to share the making of tofu first but today is Dongzhi festival so i slot this post in first..:p
i will also share this in the next post including the making of tofu...

I would like to wish everyone 
~Happy Dongzhi~


  1. I love sweet tang yuan and dry Tang yuan sometimes...and I also like your hakka yong tau foo, are you a hakka? I am.

    1. Srephanie,
      All the different ways of serving and the different flavours of the "tang yuan" are just simply delish!

      Yes, i am a hakka. I am glad you are too:D
      Come back to taste my hakka yong tofu ya..heehee
      Happy Dongzhi to you!!

  2. Happy DongZhi! That reminds me that I should start making tang yuan now.

    By the way, Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. You totally deserves it!

    1. Veronica,
      Happy Dongzhi festival to you again..:D

      Ohhh! it is so sweet of you. I am extremely honored and grateful to receive this wonderful awards. It serve a very special Christmas gift to me.
      Thank you dear friend.

  3. 好勤力的妈妈,我也想做你的宝贝。。嘻嘻!往下推再往下看好料多萝萝,你吖~让人口水难以控制。

    1. 水晶妹妹,

  4. Hi Mui Mui, Happy belated Dongzhi festival.
    Your tang yuan look good, I like the dry version. :) YUM YUM

    Have a nice weekend,regards.

    1. Amelia,
      Thanks for compliments!
      You are so sweet.
      i like the dry version too..come lets yum yum together:D

  5. 迟来的祝福,冬至快乐!

  6. Mui你好厉害哟。一种汤圆可以变出这么多种口味啊。。真的是佩服你的耐力。


  7. 说来真惭愧,我家冬至竟然没做汤圆应节。。。呵呵呵

  8. 我要甜的~嘻嘻^^

  9. Mui Mui,迟来的冬至快乐!

  10. HI Mui Mui, your tang yuan look so colorful and I love the look of the dry version...have yet to try making savory ones...looking forward to your post on that....Happy belated Winter Solstice to you! That tofu dish looks delicious too!

  11. Oh Wow! This is an awesome post! I'm really amazed with all the variates of this dessert! Love the polka dots tong yuen & all look so delicious. I've made some too , hopefully I've time to post! LOL

  12. So many ways of eating tang yuan.. love them all!

  13. Happy Belated Dongzhi to you and your family...

  14. ✫✫✫
    Muito coloridos, parecem deliciosos.

    "Que o Natal seja mais um momento
    em que as pessoas acreditem
    que vale a pena viver um Ano Novo!!!"

    Feliz Natal!!!

    (⁀‵⁀,) ✫✫✫
    .•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫✫✫ MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  15. I would love to have a bowl of your tong yuan:D Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family Mui Mui, Big Bear Hugs.

  16. Hi Mui Mui! I am so late to visit you. Your tang yuan all look so cute! I didn't know also got savory ones. I think I prefer the sweet one and the dry one looks yum yum too!

    1. Mui Mui, wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  17. Very creative ! Love all your different tong yuen !


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