October 18, 2012

Roti Paun - MFF Teregganu #1

This is the third month of Malaysia Food Feast event. October is Terengganu month and I am so excited that my friend Lena is hosting this month event. I prepare a few delicious Terengganu delicacies to support her and the event. Hope that you will like what i will prepare..^^    
 Stay tune...:D
I never been to Terengganu, but i read that it is a very beautiful place with lovely islands. Terengganu is blessed with white sandy beaches, beautiful clear sea water, so clear that you can see through.  When i read this i think of Sabah which is a neighbour of Sarawak. I have been there, it is also a place with clear sea water beaches.. You can see fish and coral from above and you can even touch the fish if you walk along the deck that is built along the seashore into the sea for easy embarking to small speed boat to travel from one island to another. I imagine Terengganu is something like that..:p Anyway, i definitely learn a lot about Terengganu when i am searching for Terengganu delicacies in the website. 
Roti Paun  is one of Terengganu local everyday bread. Its their local specialty. Have it for breakfast, for tea or for snack. 

~This is my first Roti Paun..what do you think?? I like the matte look of this Roti Paun, it looks like those roti bun that sold in the van penjaja when i was little~

~This is my second batch of Roti Paun...this time i glaze with egg and a little milk before sending them into the oven~

~Pull out 2 pieces of the roti to take picture, it is so soft and cottony very inviting..:) this is the 2nd batch i make 16 pieces of 35g each in a 8" round baking tray and 8 pieces of 30g each in a loaf tray~

~Make into loaf buns...my loaf tray is 7.5cm x 17.5cm x 7.5cm~
I have made 4 rounds this recipe and i found each time this Roti Paun as tasty as before. Each time i bake this Roti, it is almost gone right after baked. The 1st and 2nd batch i make them kosong(plain) no filling. The 3rd was Roti Paun with butter sugar filling and the 4th was Roti Paun with red bean filling. The texture of the Roti is so soft and nice evenly after three days. I am going to share the 1,2,3 today and will share the 4 and 5 in my next post...:D

马来西亚美食节, 在这个十月以来到第三个洲, (Terengganu) 登嘉楼是个靠近海岸的一个洲. 我的朋友Lena是这期的主持人. 我也来参与准备一两道登嘉楼的美食. 希望您会喜欢...^^
我没去过登嘉楼, 但是通过网络找登嘉楼的美食时我认识了这美丽充满漂亮的海滩和小岛的地方. 看了好多登嘉楼小吃和羔点都很喜欢.

 今天送上登嘉楼的面包~Roti Paun..这小餐包,  给我的感觉就像我小时候,常常在下午时份到家门前的面包车所卖的那种面包. 是一种很香, 很柔软又好好吃的一粒一粒, 一排排的小餐包. 里面是没馅的(kosong). 随你爱抹上什么酱都行. 颜色就像我第一次常识的面包一样的.

~这是我的第一批的Roti Paun, 我还蛮喜欢这个没光亮面的感觉..很有小时候的味道的那种面包~

~第二批我做了一盘8寸圆形模的(Roti Paun)小餐包16粒每一粒35克, ~烘前刷上了蛋液, 烘好亮亮的~

~第二批也做了这个, 长形模里放了8粒每粒30克..我的长模是7.5cm x 17.5cm x 7.5cm
这食谱我做了4次, 真的一次比一次好吃噢!! 第一和二次是做了(kosong)没馅的Roti, 第三次是做了奶油馅和第四是做了红豆沙馅..Roti的口感很柔软,很香,放了三天还是很柔软噢! 先分享1,2,3 在下集才PO上4和5送给大家..:p
我做了一点的调整,好让我可以把食谱用在我的面包机. 因为我的面包机只能搓500克的粉.

Recipe source is adapted from: here
I make some adjustment and also make half of the recipe as my bread maker only mixed and knead 500 gms of flour 
This is my adjustment of half the recipe and converted to gms instead of cups.

225 ml fresh milk..鲜奶
65g gms castor sugar..幼糖
1/2 tsp salt..盐
1 1/2 egg ..蛋 (94 gms) (other 1/2 of the egg save for egg mixture)
250 gms all purpose flour..低筋面粉
250 gms bread flour..高筋面粉
60 gms butter..奶油
2 tsp instant yeast..酵母

To do:
I am using my bread maker to mixed and knead my 'roti' dough.
1) Add milk, sugar, salt, all purpose flour and bread flour in the bread maker pan.
2) Add soften butter into the 4 corners of the bread pan. Make a small well on the top of the flour and pour instant yeast.
3) I used kneading mode of my bread maker which takes about 1 hour 30 minutes including first proofing time.
4) Take out the dough and divide them into 35 gms each and arrange them into a greased baking tray for the plain buns.
1) The roti dough is ready.
2) Divide into 35 gms each, roll round and arrange them in a greased baking tray. Covered and proof for 40-55 minutes.

3) After 40-55 minutes of proofing. It is double the original size.
4) Baked in a preheated oven at 170c for 20 minutes on low rack.

4) After wrapped the filling in the dough, arrange them in a round baking tray or loaf tray, covered and proof for 40-55 minutes.
5) After proofing, brush with egg mixture. (Balance of1/2 egg from the dough ingredient add 1 tsp of milk)
6, 7) Baked in a preheated oven at 170c for 18-20 minutes.

For filling buns: After divide the dough, roll them round, cover and sit for 10 minutes.
Flatten the small dough and wrap the filling in and sealed neaty to prevent the filling from leaking when you bake it. ( i am making butter sugar filling this round) After wrapped neatly arrange them on a greased baking tray.
5) Baked in a preheated oven at 170c for 20 minutes. 

Butter sugar filling:
125 gms unsalted butter..无盐奶油
80 gms castor sugar..幼糖
150 gms milk powder..奶粉
80 g plain flour..低筋面粉

To do:
1) Beat unsalted butter and castor sugar till sugar dissolved only.
2) Add in milk powder and flour.
3) Mixed well. After mixed you can see this filling is like bread crumbs and it is ready to use.

~Butter sugar filling~ 

i am submitting this post to Malaysia Food Feast, Terengganu Month hosted by Lena of Frozen Wings.


  1. Wah I am amazed looking at your roti paun. You baked it using different baking pans, round, loaf, with and without glaze, with and without fillings and also different fillings. Bravo to you. Fantastic baker.

  2. Love the soft fluffy bread, especially when its hot from the oven.

  3. 这个面包真的会勾起儿时记忆咧。。



  4. 嘿,猪猪姐,哈哈!非常谢谢你的好分享,告诉你我好喜欢第一张没搽上牛油的面包,对的。。你没说错,就是那种小时候的味道,我记得以前是坐摩托的印度大兄。。买卖>>>>怀念怀念

  5. Emm~松软可口!

  6. 梅梅。。
    高高QQ的。。。我最bah tahan~~

  7. Mui Mui, I think I haven't seen you posted a bread recipe b4 since I know you, or have I? Can't really remember but most important, I want to tell you that your roti paun looks very soft & fluffy! Gosh, lots of bread there, haha!

  8. 怎么那么柔软的?!


    因为老人家懒得一直按older post。
    日行一善^^ yeah!!!


  9. 你好~

  10. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for complients!

    Hi Mel,
    This Roti Paun is a great. It is a quite verstalie dough, you can try this too!

    Hi Mich,
    Yes, yes it is very very soft and fluffy once it is out of the oven. I just can't stop at one..LOL

  11. Kym,
    你也有同感啊! 是咯,很喜欢奶油味浓浓的.
    想吃是吗? 快快动手动脚试试看吧!! ;p

    对咯! 很喜欢哪个没抹上油的感觉. 真的真的..有小时候的回忆..对好怀念..:D

    这个直接法Roti Paun真的很不错噢!

    你也..tak boleh tahan..haha
    一出烤箱..哪香噴噴的奶香面包,我已经偷吃一粒了..就是tak boleh tahan!!咯;p

    I make bread or buns 3-4 times a week. Some of them are repeat recipe so i did not post...hehe

    Yes, this recipe yield 23 buns of 40gms each. I have been making buns with the roti paun recipe for 4 times. I sekaligus post the 4 times pictures..hahaha a lot hor!!!

  12. Sean宝贝,

    要让手指多多做运动的, 才能保持年青;p


  13. 嗨! 平淡一生,
    欢迎你来访, 你好~
    哈哈! 是我的Roti Paun把你吸引来啊!
    谢谢你的美言. 真的这个roti paun值得一试哦!


  14. good morning doreen, these are great!! i also shaped mine around 30gms for each dough and i understand that they also have big and small roti pauns and the small ones now even smaller..! can imagine a little tedious shaping them so small..haha!i've never been to sabah but also hear that the beaches are beautiful. Thanks for your participation and looking forward to more of your entries! Have a nice weekend!

  15. Lena,
    I actually like these small size roti paun very much. I found that shaping it round and plain is easier than wrapping filling in it ..hehe
    Yes, Sabah beaches is beautiful.
    Will send in a few post again soon...:)

  16. 这个真的看了很柔软呢,我也很想吃 :)

  17. Cass, 这面包真的好好吃!

  18. Hi MuiMui, wow... love our roti paun. Look so soft and fluffy,if hot from oven sure taste excellent.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  19. Your roti paun look so soft and good , especially like direct method.

  20. Excellent round up of all the delicious recipes. Wonderfully prepared.
    Restaurants in South Delhi


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