August 13, 2012

Tiramisu for Father's Day~父亲节的提拉米苏

Another June post :p...This is a special cake for my 3 naughty but adorable boys' father SP. Have no comments for such a wonderful and caring father. 
 My eldest (Shawn) was born in in 2005, follow by second (Samson) 2007 and follow by youngest (Seanan) 2009, make him a father of three

很磨蹭的我, 又在PO另一6月我家的故事..:p
这个'提拉米苏'蛋糕是做给我家三个宝贝(圣,贤和谦) 的爸爸(华).
大宝贝(圣)2005年出世, 二宝贝(贤)2007 和 小宝贝(谦)2009, 就这样,做了三个孩子的爸.
这个爸爸, 他啊! 爱陪伴孩子做功课, 做阅读报告, 走公园玩耍, 我最感恩就是他可以每天晚上帮两个小的刷牙..哈哈还风雨不改的那种..:D
(我呢, 是个超没耐心的妈米..;p)

~Happy Father's Day ..Daddy..父亲节快乐..啊爸(Daddy)..嘻嘻..我是这么稱呼孩子的爸..嘻嘻~

~Posting for me to take" father and sons" picture..say cheeseee...
看过来..笑一笑..'卡喳' ..~

~Cut the cake...

~naked cake..hehe before decorations

~after decorated .. looks nice right?~
上装了.. 好看吗?~

~after putting on the bow tie ... looks great..:D
再加上蝴蝶结..帅吗? ~

~guess what? my boys love the sponge fingers more then the cake itself..XD
小瓜们爱吃哪手指饼多过吃蛋糕..真不给脸咯.. XD..~

~after tasted the first bite they began to love the cake...phew!! i was worried they do not like it..:p

~this piece is for you...:)..

 For me Tiramisu is a very indulgence kind of dessert.
Tiramisu (tih-ruh-mee-SOO) - The Italian translation for tiramisu is 'carry me up.' or 'pick me up' or 'make me happy' Also known as Tuscan Trifle. Tradition tiramisu is a pudding-like dessert that usually consists of sponge cake or ladyfingers dipped in liqueur, then layered with grated chocolate and rich custard. Tiramisu was originally made as a loose custard, it is only in recent years that using mascarpone cheese has come into fashion.

Recipe source (with slight adjustment) from: Baking Code (烘焙密码) by Alex Goh
Prepare a 23cm round coffee sponge (i use chocolate sponge)
Ingredient A:
1 whole egg 
1 egg yolk
20g sugar

Ingredient B:
1 1/2 tbsp gelatin
50g water

Ingredient C:
250g cream cheese (i use mascarpone cheese)
50g sugar

Ingredient D:
1 tbsp instant coffee powder
2 tbsp water
(i added 1 extra tbsp of Baileys)

Ingredient E:
100g whipped topping cream
200g whipped whipping cream

adequate cocoa powder

Coffee syrup
80g water
40g sugar
2 tbsp instant coffee powder
2 tbsp kahlua (i use Baileys) - (optional)

To do the coffee syrup:
Cook water and sugar until boil. Add in instant coffee powder, mix until well-blended. Add in kahlua (Baileys), mix until combine.

To do:
1) Slice coffee sponge into 2 layers.
2) Whip ingredients A over simmering water until thicken.
3) Premix ingredients B and melt it over double-boiler. Add it into ingredients A, mix until well-blended.
4) Beat ingredients C until light. Add in ingredients D, mix until well-combined. Add in the above mixture, mix until well-blended.
5) Add in ingredients E, mix well combined.
6) Brush the sponge cake with coffee syrup. Place 1 layer of sponge cake onto the ring mold, pour half of the above cheese filling on.
7) Top with second layer of sponge cake. Pour the remaining cheese filling on and separate evenly. Chilled in refrigerated for 5 hours or over night.
8) Remove cake from ring mold, dust with cocoa powder and decorate it with sponge fingers (Savoiardi). 
9) Serve the cake..enjoy~

~Every year's father's day Sam will make a hand craft for daddy and this is the card that he made for daddy (2012)..每年'贤'都会做一样手工送给爸爸,今年也不例外也做了一张卡片送给爸爸哦!!~



  1. 好温馨的一家人。。。

  2. Hi Crystal,

  3. Very nicely done layers....I love tiramisu and would love to try to make this sometime. Well done!

  4. Hi Mich,
    Thanks for compliment.
    I bake my sponge cakes in different baking pan so I don't need to slice them into two layers. I have make this twice, it's very nice...:)
    Have a nice week ahead..:)

  5. 祝你打令生日快乐。。

  6. 嗨! Fion,

  7. 2 years gap for each of your boy,it's tough,Mui Mui! It's a gorgeous tiramisu cake!I made once a long time ago b4 I got married(8 years ago) but ended up eating all bytsrlf becoz my hubby didn't like it but I think his taste buds have changed now which he claims he is old now & he likes a cake to go with a cup of coffee,haha!

  8. Hi Jess,
    ya, my boys really make me know BOYS..use to be more naughty then
    i send the youngest to nanny and the other two goes to school in the morning so that is the time i work and do my own stuff. Recently, nanny on youngest is all over me..:p
    After 8 years maybe your hubby will like 'tiramisu'..hehe
    Do try it, if there is a special occasion ya..^^
    Have a lovely week ahead..^^

  9. Hi Doreen

    Your 3 lovely boys are so adorable! Father and sons all look quite alike :D
    Your tiramisu was nice. It's so nicely and neatly cut. I haven't try tiramisu before. My hubby's birthday is in Apr. I'll make one for him.


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