July 31, 2012

Coffee Mousse Cake ll ~ 咖啡慕欺蛋糕 ll ^^

What took me so long..:p been taking ages to post this recipe..:p
hope you have not been waiting too long..i have been busy again hehe...
This is the recipe...
Making this cake is a new challenge to me. I did not study properly (which is very bad) before i started. i make mistake and i forgotten this step, that step along the way.

不好意思噢! 迟了把食谱PO上来..:p 希望想看食谱的朋友们没盼到变长劲鹿了..嘻嘻
最近比较忙噢! 不好意思噢!
我做了好多小小, 小小的失误..还好最终还是把蛋糕完成..:p

This is the recipe for Coffee Mousse Cake
Recipe source :
 Carol Hu book of The First Book of Baking for Beginners
yields: 1 8 inches cake

Ingredient A:Twin color coffee and cream pudding
a. cream pudding..cc is equal ml
    50cc (50ml) milk
    50cc (50ml) cream (i use anchor dairy whipping cream)
    10g castor sugar
    4.5g gelatine leaves / powder

b. coffee pudding
    150g brew coffee
    20g brown sugar
    6g gelatine leaves/ powder

B. Sponge finger cake for the side and bottom of the cake
a. sponge mixture (yolk)
2 egg yolks
15g castor sugar
30g plain flour
10g unsweetened cocoa powder

b. sponge mixture (white)
2 egg white
1/2 tsp lemon juice
40g castor sugar

c. topping for the sponge
some almonds nips and icing sugar

C. coffee mousse filling:
a. 200cc (200ml) dairy whipping cream
    15g castor sugar

b. 150cc (150ml) milk
    1 tbsp instant coffee
    3 egg yolks
    50g castor sugar
    12g gelatine leaves/ powder
    40cc (40ml) Kahlua ( i use Bailey's)
    200g mascarpone cheese
D. Coffee jelly topping
    130cc (130ml) brew coffee
    20g brown sugar
    4.5g gelatine leaves/ powder
    20cc (20ml) Kahlua (i use Bailey's)

**What I have learned..Get ready all the ingredients before starting. Some parts of the recipe need to do a day or few hours ahead. Eg. the twin colour jellies part and the sponge finger cake part. This is because the twin colour jellies need to be layered into the mousse layer and the sponge finger cake need to be the bottom and side layer of this cake...:)

To do: twin colour pudding jelly (make the twin colour jellies a day or at least 4 hours ahead)
Doing the cream jelly part..:)
1) Soaked the gelatine leaves for 5-6 minutes (totally immerse into ice cold water) 
2) Pour milk, dairy whip cream and sugar into a pan to boil until sugar is totally dissolve. (do not over boiled, just heat up to disslove the sugar)
3) Squeeze out the excess water from the soaked gelatine and add into the pan. Stir till it is dissolve and let cool a little)
4) Pour into a small square container and let it set in fridge for 2-3 hours.
**Challenge 1  (i do not do this ahead and my cream jelly does not set properly so it is a bit hard for me to handle when i try cutting it into 1cm cube:)

Doing the coffee jelly part..:)
5) Soaked the gelatine leaves in ice cold water. (totally immerse)
6) Boiled brown sugar and coffee in a pan. (do not over boil, just heat up)
7) Squeeze out the excess water from the soaked gelatine and add into the pan. Stir till it is dissolve. Add in Kahlua (i used Baileys)  and let cool a little. Pour into a 6 inches round baking tray.
8) Take out the chilled cream jelly from the fridge. Dip the jelly container into warm water for a while, this will let the cream jelly easily being take out from the container. Cut the set cream jelly into 1 cm cubes.
9) Drop the cream jelly cubes into the coffee jelly evenly and let it set in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
**Challenge 2. I dropped the cream jelly cubes into the coffee jelly mixture while the coffee jelly mixture is still a bit warm..this cause the (not so set) cream jelly cubes to melt once it is drop in..so the coffee jelly must be cool completely before dropping in the cream jelly cubes. Again i did not waited this coffee jelly to set long enough, that causes this layer is a bit too soft to sit in the mousse layer later when i assemble it in the mousse layer..:)

B. To do the sponge finger cake:
10) Separated the egg yolks from the egg whites.
11) Whisk egg yolks and sugar until sugar dissolve.
12) Whisk egg whites till forthy add in lemon juice and castor sugar (divided into 2 times to add in) whisk till it is medium soft peak in picture 1.
13) Fold in the yolks mixture into the whisked egg whites just to combined in picture 2.
14) Fold in again the sieved flour and cocoa powder to mixed well in picture 3-4. (do not over mixed)
15) Filled the sponge finger batter into a pipping bag with a plain tip (noozle) attached.
16) Pumped the batter onto a lined with parchment paper baking tray  into 1cm thick and 5cm long fingers in picture 5. (draw lines on the lined parchment paper to guide you to pumped nice and neatly) This sponge fingers cake have to be at least 65cm long. (i made mine into 3 rolls to make up to a 65cm long sponge fingers cake)
17) For the left over batter, pumped them into circular coils like mosquito coils and sprinkle toasted almonds and icing sugar on top... in picture 7-8. Bake in a preheated oven at 170c for 10 minutes.

 ~pic 5..Pumped into 1cm thick and 5cm longs fingers~

~Picture 6...Sprinkle per toasted almond nibs and icing sugar on top before sending into the oven~

~picture 7..In another baking tray, use the rest of the batter to pumped into a circular coil like mosquito coils~

 ~picture 8..sprinkle toasted almond and icing sugar on top~

 ~This is the baked sponge finger cake ..this is the cake for the bottom of the mousse cake~

~This is the baked sponge finger cake for the side of the mousse cake\
do trimmed away uneven side into a 3 cm width~

To do the mousse filling:
18) Whisk dairy whipping cream and sugar until a medium stiff peak is achieved, like whisking egg whites. (it should be 90% fluffy) Set aisde in the fridge.
19) Soaked the gelatine leaves in ice cold water. ( totally immerse in water)
20) Heat up milk in a sauce pan till boils, add in instant coffee powder and stir to combined. Set aside. (instant coffee mixture)
21) Beat egg yolks and sugar till sugar dissolve.
22) Pour instant coffee mixture into the egg yolks mixture, bring to cook on a very low flame until the mixture thicken. (mixture will not drip)**coffee mouse fiiling.
23) Squeeze out the excess water from the soaked gelatine and add into the pan. Let it cool before adding in Kahlua (i used Baileys)
24) In a bowl whisk mascarpone cheese till smooth. Add in mousse filling by dividing into 5-6 addition to mixed well. (fold in)
25) Add in the whipped dairy whipping cream to combine. (if the weather is warm, put the mousse filling bowl over another bowl of ice cold water and stir vigorously to have a thicker mousse then can be pour onto the sponge finger cake.
26) Take out the coffee jelly, wrap a piece of warm cloth around the baking tray, for easy unmould.
27) Get ready a 8" loose bottom baking pan. Lay the circular coils sponge finger cake onto the bottom and tuck the sponge finger side cake on the side of the baking pan neatly.
28) Pour 1/2 of the coffee mousse filling into the baking pan, smooth out evenly. Add in the coffee and cream jelly onto the coffee mousse.
29) Pour the other 1/2 onto the jelly and smooth out evenly. Must save a 0.5cm allowance of space for the coffee jelly topping.
30) Let set in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

 ~This coffee mousse cake have something missing...
**Challenge 3..i forgot to tuck int the sponge finger cake stripe along the baking pan so only can wrapped it on when the cake is set..
This will make the cake not that pretty because there will be a gap on the upper top along the side of the cake.

~This the not so prefect part..  :p~

D. To do the coffee jelly topping.
31) Soaked the gelatine leaves in ice cold water. ( totally immerse in water)
32) Heat up coffee and sugar mixture in pan till sugar dissolved.
33) Squeeze out the excess water from the soaked gelatine and add into the pan. Let it cool before adding in Kahlua (i used Baileys)
34) Take out the chilled coffee mousse cake and pour the cold coffee jelly onto the cake and send back to fridge to let the coffee jelly set.
35) To unmold the cake, just use a flat spatula, run along 2cm deep into the side of the whole cake. 
36) Decorate the cake with fresh fruits and chocolate cravings. (i decorated mine with kiwi cut into heart shape.

~Anyway, this Coffee Mousse Cake still taste very very nice..:D
Hope you like this recipe.. ^^



  1. 哇!蛋糕的切面真漂亮!

  2. Hi Qiqi,

  3. Wow, this looks so amazing! So complex, but you did it so well. It looks very delicious.

  4. Last time I like this cake very much, this time also feeling the same! The recipe is very detailed, great effort to put up the full details for us though on your busy days!

  5. Hi Mich,
    Thanks for compliments.
    Yalor, i try my best to translate the mandarin version to english. Hope this recipe is detail enough..:p

  6. Hi Jess,
    Thanks for compliments.
    i hope the recipe is not too details until when people sees it feel lazy to read it..hehe
    Yes, this is a very handsome cake..hehe..nice to see and nice to eat..must try..^^

  7. So many step...how about you made one for me??

  8. I can see so much of efforts you put in, even with that little hiccup, your cake turned out so great. Thanks for sharing the detail steps and the tips. Hopefully one day I can try this recipe maybe for a birthday celebration.

  9. hello doreen, i applaud your effort and hardwork in making this detailed cake!i guess you must be stucked in the kitchen the whole day making this! haha! Nevertheless of all the challenges you mentioned, it's still a beautiful cake, it is impressive!!

  10. 哇!太好了,漂亮蛋糕来点用华语写食谱我赞成。英文真的好难消化。。哈哈

  11. Hi Little blue,
    No problem, tell me when is your special day, I make for you and your hubby..:)


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