April 19, 2012

Orange sweet potato Angkoo Kueh ~ 橙番薯'红'龟糕

 Saw this latest issue of Yum Yum magazine (volume77) in the book stand. The cover of this magazine attract me to have a look at it. I found this very interesting 'kuih' in this month magazine; its main ingredient is Orange Sweet Potato. 

~Natural colour from the Orange sweet potato...

~This Orange sweet potato Nyonya Angku kuih..

这是一个零失败的食谱..This is a sure success angku kuih recipe..
100g Orange sweet potato ~ steamed and mashed 
150g glutinous rice flour
1 tbsp sugar
120ml hot boiling water
1 tbsp cooking oil(I used canola oil)

Mung bean filling:
180g mung bean - washed and soaked 4 hours
3 pieces pandan leaves ~knotted
125g sugar 
1 tsp salt
130ml oil

To do for filling:
1) Steam the soaked mung bean with pandan leaves (knotted) and steam for 30 minutes. 
2) Blend in a processor til fine.
3) Cook it with sugar, salt and oil until it firm and form like a paste. 
4)Let it cool and roll it into 20g ball.

To do for the skin:
1) Washed and peeled the orange sweet potato. Steam it until it is cooked. Mashed it finely while it is hot.
2) Put glutinous flour, sugar in a mixing bowl. Make a well in the middle, pour oil and hot boiling water in and  mix into a rough dough. Knead in mashed orange sweet potato to form into a pliable dough. Covered and let it rest for 10 minutes.
3) Rolled the dough longish like in picture (a). 

pic. a ~ this are the things mui mui prepared to start assembling the angkus

~The top view of the angku kuih...上面看看,花纹很明显吧!!~

~Side view of the knock out angku kuih...左看看吧~

pic. b~ 1) After the dough is ready, divide them into 30g eaches
2) Flatten the dough and add in filling.
3) Wrapped up the filling and sealed the edges.
4) Slightly roll the dough into oblong shape.
**at the stage if your hands get sticky, do rub with a bit of glutinous rice flour to smooth them.
pic c ~ 1) add a bit of glutinous rice flour into the angku mould, spread evenly and knock out the excess.
2) Rub the wrapped dough with a bit of glutinous rice flour too and put into the floured mould.
3) Press dough firmly into the mould. 
4) Make sure all the side is evenly pressed.

pic d ~ 1) Brush some oil on the trimmed banana leaves. (do not brush too much, just a little on the middle will do)
2) Knock out the molded angku onto the oiled banana leaves.
3 & 4) This is how the knocked out angku look...^^

~Get ready..put into a wok and steam for 7 minutes..

~After steaming the angkus, brush with cooking oil to prevent sticking..

~DIY your own kuih, you can stuff in lots of filling ..lol

* Mui mui like the angkus to look neat and nice, trimmed the banana leaves round following the side of angkus only after steaming. (this is because angkus may grow a bit bigger after steaming)
* Too prevent angkus from forming a layer of hard skin on top after cooling...do keep in a container or cover with cling foil after it is cool.



  1. 你BLOG我有时会进来看看,可是就没留言。

  2. 我那天做了紫色蕃薯菇果,蒸后花纹全不见了,55555,丑丑了!

  3. how many can do?

  4. You said that this is a "0" failure recipe, it gives me more confidence of making this ang ku kueh in the future. My friend has sent me the mould but I haven't used yet!Can't find this mould in Sydney!Using orange sweet potato to make is very special, thanks for sharing!

  5. This is one of my favourite kueh, simply can't resist those with pandan or black glutinous rice. So sweet of you to share!

  6. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks dear.

    Hi Ah Loy(girl),
    谢谢你,要常常来哦(^ ^)

    Hi Kate,

  7. Hi Anonymous,
    This recipe yield 15 angkus.

    Hi Jessie,
    That's great your friend sent you the angku mould.
    What material is your angku mould made from? Wood or plastic? Do try this in future, it easy.

    Hi Cheah,
    Thanks for dropping g by.
    Yes, I love the pandan and black glutinous ones too...^^
    Do try this Orange one in future, they are good too.

  8. you made me drooooooool...just wish to be your neighbour now..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  9. Hi Jay, I like this too. Do drop by often.
    You already a neighbour to me in blogger...hehe

  10. It has been quick a while I had angkoo. Your angkoo looks very neatly done and texture looks smooth and perfect. I wish I can have a bite:D

  11. Hi, Mui Mui, my friend sent me a wooden mould.

  12. yummy~~~ i so wish to try to do angkoo kueh~~ but i dint buy the mold yet... =P

  13. 也有可能,

  14. you AKK look so pretty. Earlier i made using purple sweet potato, time for me to try using orange sweet potato..

  15. beautiful! it has been a while since i last made some angkoo kuehs and it turned out well too..just hope that the next time when i make them again, it will be good too!

  16. I love making these angkoo kueh too! It's delicious and so pretty!

  17. Quay Po, just ake a bit, you will love it...:p

  18. Jessie,
    You friend have sent you the mould..tat's great!
    Then you can start trying to make this...angku...:)

  19. Sabrina莎莎,

  20. Kate,

  21. Sonia,
    Try using the orange sweet potato, they taste different from the purple ones.

  22. Thanks Lena,
    Ya, if haven't make certain things for sometime might worried making it again might not out well....hehehe
    I am like tat too...:D


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