May 01, 2012

Half boiled egg jelly

The day I make the Red Egg Jellies my youngest son was with me. He is so excited with what I am doing. He wanted to eat the Red Egg Jelly BUT the jellies are not ready...yet..
So...I make him a Half Boiled Egg Jelly...
Guess what??? He was so happy with it...:D

~He is so excited..can't wait to scoop the egg yolk..but I asked him to post for me first before he can scoop ....:p   ~

~He asked me to pour the half boiled egg jelly into his bowl~

~He starts to scoop the half boiled egg jelly..happily~

This recipe is the same as my last post on 'Red Egg Jelly'..I make some changes and I named it 
'Half Boiled Egg Jelly'
Recipe source is adapted from..
 Exquissite Desserts & Snacks for Party(精致宴会美点)
Ingredient for yolk:
1/2 tbsp agar- agar powder
   30 g sugar
115 g water
  40 ml fresh milk
    3 Pcs pan dan leaves ( knotted )
some orange food 

1 3D round shape jelly mould

To do the yolk.
1) Boil water and pandan leaves together.
2) Add in sugar and agar-agar powder stir till sugar completely dissolve.
3) Pour in fresh milk and stir to combine. Add a drop of orange food coloring.
4) Pour this agar-agar mixture into the 3 D round shape mould. Let it cool a little and put into fridge to set. When it is set, take out and trim off excess if there is any.

~This is the jelly yolk...please see Red Egg Jelly to see how does the egg yolk mould look like..^^..~

Ingredient for white:
1/2 tbsp plus 1/4 tsp agar-agar powder
70 g sugar
210 ml water
6 pcs pandan leaves
A pinch od salt
140 ml thick coconut milk ( I use Ayam Brand thick coconut milk)
some bowls (I use silicone cups)

To do the white:.

1) Boil water and pandan leaves together.
2) Add in sugar and agar-agar powder stir till sugar completely dissolve.
3) Pour in coconut milk, stir to combine.
4) After combine, pour into silicone cup or bowl. Filled up 1/4 only. When it is half set put the jelly yolk in the middle and it is done. Send into the fridge, when it is set, serve it cold...^^.
**Do add in the coconut milk to after remove from that mixture and coconut milk will not separated.
~This one I do it in a bowl..what do you think of it??~

~This is the other half boiled egg jellies~



  1. You are extremely innovative making this! They look very cute :D

  2. Hi Zoe,
    you're back..miss you..:)
    Thanks..I got this idea when my son ask for the red egg jelly which is not ready 'set' to be

  3. Wah, did you submit the recipe to the April Food Challenge, organised by the Very Good Recipes? The yolks look so real from the picture. Good trick!

  4. Hi Jess, Thanks.. I submit the Red Egg Jelly. I did not submit this one cos I read that we can only submit one I right??

  5. 妳好厲害。。。好像真的。。讚讚贊贊!!

    1. 嗨! Fion, 谢谢你。。

  6. Can i check, where do u get the egg yolk mould?
    I'm thinking to make this for my kiddo since they love eggsss so much ..

  7. Hi Angela,
    I bought the yolk mould from a hypermarket ( Boulevard Hypermarket) where I live..
    May I know where do you live? I don't know the supermarket over there do sell this mould or not.
    Do let me know if you need me to help you to buy this...^^


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