April 30, 2012

Red Egg Jelly

As a Chinese, our tradition, following a child birth we will gives away red eggs to family members and close friends. Red eggs is a symbol... of announcing a good news...so if next time you see Red Eggs in a Chinese family means there is a celebration. Red is also a auspicious colour among Chinese. As for Easter Red Egg is the  of rebirth of Christ...Our Saviour..

Red Egg Jelly
Recipe source is adapted from Exquissite Desserts & Snacks for Party(精致宴会美点)
Ingredient for yolk:
1/2 tbsp agar- agar powder
   30 g sugar
115 g water
  40 ml fresh milk
    3 Pcs pan dan leaves ( knotted )
some orange food 

1 3D round shape jelly mould

To do the yolk.
1) Boil water and pandan leaves together.
2) Add in sugar and agar-agar powder stir till sugar completely dissolve.
3) Pour in fresh milk and stir to combine. Add a drop of orange food coloring.

~Pour agar-agar mixture into the 3D round ball jelly mould~

***~After the agar-agar is set then we can take out the 3D round jellies~

4) Pour this agar-agar mixture into the 3 D round shape mould. Let it cool a little and put into fridge to set. When it is set, take out and trim off excess if there is any. 

~This is the round egg yolk jelly ..is it make out of agar-agar~

**(It take about 20 minutes for the yolk jellies to set in the fridge.
***(Please refer to the pictures to see the look of the 3D round yolk mould)

Ingredient for white:
1/2 tbsp plus 1/4 tsp agar-agar powder
70 g sugar
210 ml water
6 pcs pandan leaves
A pinch od salt
140 ml thick coconut milk ( I use Ayam Brand thick coconut milk)

8 empty egg shells, some bright red food colouring

~Empty egg shells..clean and wash them ahead~

To do the white:.
1) Boil water and pandan leaves together.
2) Add in sugar and agar-agar powder stir till sugar completely dissolve.
3) Pour in coconut milk, stir to combine.
4) Pour the white agar-agar mixture into prepared empty egg shell until 3/4 full.

~Filled in up to 3/4 full into the empty egg shells with agar-agar mixture. ~

5) When the white agar-agar is half set, then put the agar-agar yolk into the white agar-agar.
~Use a pair of chopstick to put the yolk into the egg shell ~

6) Put into fridge until the agar-agar is completely set.

~Going to send into the fridge to let it set~

7) When agar-agar is set, break the egg shell and dye the egg jellies with the bright red food colouring.

Instead of real Red Eggs I make this Red Egg Jellies for my hubby's birthday.
Fun to eat and no cholesterol at all...:D

This month Very Good Recipes theme is April Fool challenge. We have to prepare some kind of DISH that looks like something, but is made of something else entirely.


I will submit this post to Very Good Recipes for April Fool challenge. Do make something and have fun!



  1. A lot of work but a very nice result. Those egg yolks look quite real. Thank you for your contribution.

  2. Hi Simona,
    Thanks n thanks for dropping by.

  3. Mui Mui, I have a good news for you. The result for the April Fool's Chellenge is out! Congratulations, you have won the 3rd place! Place go to my blog to view all the results!

  4. Hi Mui Mui, thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad to meet you.

    Love your red eggs and your presentation,you're very creative.
    Congratulation on your winning. Well deserved!

    Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Jess,
    Yeah! I am jumping with joy now. This is my first time winning a prize..lol
    Appreciated so much to you for being one of the judges.
    Thanks so much and big big huge hug to u dear friend...^^

  6. Hi Mel,
    thanks for the compliments and thanks for dropping by.
    congrats to you too..you are winning first prize..
    With those lovely mini burgers...You too are well deserved.
    Have a nice weekend ...:)

  7. Hi Mui Mui, can you please send an email to me so we an discuss about your present with more details? My email address is jessienwl@yahoo.com

  8. hi mui mui, just saw your winning entry in jessie's blog. Congratulations! a great idea to make red eggs!!

    1. Hi Lena,
      Thanks so much..hehe I never thought that I can win...:p

  9. Hi!!! Where can i buy the 3d mould for making. theegg yolk??? ((((: please get back to me asap @Jun_zjl@hotmail.com

  10. Hi Pink,
    you can get this 3D mould from Alex San in fb. He will send to you if you order from him.
    Do let me know if you can't find him or you need further assistant.
    mui mui

  11. Hi Mui,
    I am also looking for the jelly egg yolks mould, have contacted Alex San in fb, not sure he can ship it to UK..

  12. Hi Mui,
    Thanks for your reply. May I know the diameter of the eggs yolk? I found a mould from ebay but not sure if it is the same size as yours. The diameter is 3cm. Can you let me know when you get a minute? Sorry for trouble


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