March 22, 2012

Tiger Stripes Cheesecake...虎纹乳酪蛋糕

I have a pack of sour cream laying in my fridge for weeks. Have to use it up before the expired date. Been looking for a new cheesecake recipe to use up my sour cream. I search high n low in goggle search and found this really worth visiting piece of  blog... 

This blog is 'Do What I Like' ...owner is FL, a sweet lady who lives in HK.
I found this 'Tiger Stripes cheesecake' in her blog. The first look at it, I love the tiger stripes of the cake. Thank to her for sharing such 'a rich, soft, smooth and creamy in texture..sinful' ..that what she share in words...:)

~Unmould the cake, only after keeping it in the fridge for a night..~

~I am using a cake cutting board to cut this cake. With this board I can measure the size that I need and slice it nice and neat~

~a clean cut...(^^)~

~Again..a slice for YOU..~

This cake have two parts..the base and the cheese filling.
You need a 18cm loose bottom round baking tray

Ingredients for the base:
50g Oreo Biscuits (remove cream and crush)
50g digestive biscuits (crush)
40g butter, melted (double boil it on a pot of warm water or MW it for 40 seconds
To do:
1) Mixed the biscuits together and pour in melted butter, mixed.
2) Toss into the lined baking pan and pressed firmly.
3) Bake biscuit base at 160c for 12 minutes. Cool and set aside.

Filling ingredients:
500g cream cheese- (room tmperature)
100g - 120g castor sugar
3 eggs (room temperature)
100ml fresh milk
235g sour cream
1 tbsp Rum  in the chocolate batter
2 tsp lemon juice into the plain batter

75g dark chocolate (melted via double boil)
I used 'Lindt' mint dark chocolate and I did not add the rum into the chocolate batter

To do:
1) Cream, cream cheese  and sugar till  smooth and creamy.
2) Add egg one at a time and beat till well combine.
3) Using low speed beat in sour cream and milk.
4) Divide batter into 2 equal portions.
5) One portion added melted chocolate and the other portion added in lemon juice blended well.
6) Spoon a full ladle of chocolate batter into the middle of the biscuit base. Spoon another full ladle of plain batter onto the middle of the chocolate batter. Alternate between two batter until all of both batter is used up.
7) Baked in a preheated oven at 160C for 50-60 minutes or until it is firm at the side. This cake could be still a bit wobbly in the middle. Cooled cake for 1 hour and chilled in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight...^^

~Have another slice again???..:D...~

~Can't resist ... I eaten half of a slice..:p

Tips for FL: Cake tastes the best when chilled overnight as all the flavours will be infused into the cheesecake.
Tips from me: Dipped your knife into hot water, wipe it then cut the cake. This will give you a clean and neat cut.



  1. 我看到那美乳酪蛋糕我还不第一个快点过来,很美~~~。

  2. 很美很美。。花纹很细腻哦。。

  3. Ah Loy (GIRL),


  4. the swirl of your cake look so beautiful and neat..i have no chance to try out because my family do not prefer this type of heavy cheesecake..

  5. Hi Sonia,
    Welcome to my house..^^
    Does your family like chilled cheese cake? You can try this..

    This one have a nice pattern too..^^

  6. this looks really awesome mui!

    victoria bakes


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