March 29, 2012

Super Yummy Doughnut...超柔软QQ甜甜圈..^^

... Fried Doughnuts..:D 

My boys love to eat doughnuts. Doughnut is a old time favorites. I guess it one of your old time memories too. My eldest, Shawn has been requesting for this for a long time. I dare not do this because worried it is too 'heaty' for him. Heaty?? what will happen?? He will have sore throat > start a bit of cough ...and so on... 
Anyway, recently I found he is in a well condition so I decided to make him some. 

~Shake the doughnut in a bag of castor sugar...

I know there is friends out there sharing baked doughnut recipe, saying it is more health and it is not heaty. I still find frying the doughnut gives a kind of special taste in it...hahaha of course this is my personal opinion...:D

What is heaty, yin and yang?  Find this word funny..right? If you are Asian you will understand what does it mean but if you are not then here is 'What it means?'
I got the answer, here: What are heaty and cooling foods??

~Look at the chewy and soft texture of this doughnut...

Recipe is adapted from YumYum magazine ~ volume 54
( I made some changes and the doughnut ball and vege bomb doughnut is my idea..:p)

Ingredient A:   材料A:
340g high protein flour...高粉
160g low protein flour...低粉
80g castor sugar...幼糖
2 eggs...蛋
2 tsp instant yeast...酵母
3 tsp milk powder...奶粉
190 ml water...水

Ingredient B:   材料B:
 90g butter...奶油

To do:
1) Put ingredient A into a mixing bowl and mixed into rough dough.
 (I use my bread maker to do this.)
2) Add butter beat at medium speed till a elastic dough is formed.
3) Shaped the dough round, put into a floured bowl and covered with plastic wrap. Let this rest for 40 minutes.
4) Divide dough into 50g eaches. Shaped them round. Please refer to the pictures below for 'How to make a doughnut hole?'

1) Roll dough into round shape.
2) Dip rolling pin into flour and press rolling pin into the middle of the round dough to make a hole.
3) Lightly floured a finger and dig into the doughnut hole and make it a little widen and neater. 
5) When all of the doughnuts is shaped, covered with a plastic wrap.
6) Heated up 2 cups of cooking oil, fry the doughnuts in batches of 4-5 pieces at a time till golden brown, drain excess oil.
7) Get ready a big plastic bag, pour some icing sugar or castor sugar into the bag, drop 2-3 doughnuts into the bag and shake. This way the doughnuts will be coated  nicely.

~Doughnuts is done...甜甜圈炸好了..排排坐噢..~

~Doughnut balls with jam in it...甜甜圈也可以做甜甜果酱球~

To do doughnut balls:
some icing sugar for dusting
some fruit jam of your choice
1) If you like to have some doughnut balls just rolled the dough into 30g round ball when you divide the dough.
2) Fry the doughnut balls in medium hot oil. When it is cooled, snip a hole on top of the ball with a scissors and pipe some jam into the hole.

~Turn doughnut into Fried vegetable bomb..haha that's what I named this..
To do fried vegetable bomb:
some white sesame seeds
some fried yam bean filling

Ingredients for filling:
200g yam bean, washed and shredded
1 tbsp dried shrimp - washed and slighty chopped 
1 medium size onion - diced
1 tbsp fish sauce 
dash of pepper

To do:
*Heated some oil in a wok, saute diced onion and dried shrimp till fragrant. 
*Add in shredded yam bean, stir fry till it is soft and a bit of caramel colour. 
*Season with fish sauce and pepper to your taste. Set aside to cool.

1) Flatten the 50g dough with a rolling pin..make the flatten dough side thin and middle thick. (This is to prevent when wrapping in the filling the surface of the doughnut will not break or become to thin)
2) Wrapped in the filling and sealed up the edges together into a oblong shape with the sealed part facing down.
3) Spray some water onto the bomb doughnut and roll on white sesame seeds.
4) Arrange nicely in a baking tray before frying. 
5) Fry in a medium hot oil till golden brown, drain excess oil and serve.

~The filling inside is stir-fry Yam bean with dried shrimp...
料是沙葛炒虾米 ~

~This one is shake with icing sugar...这个是摇上糖粉的甜甜圈~

*This dough may be a bit too soft but it is easy to handle.
*Do not coat the doughnut with sugar when it is hot.
*If you are not eating the doughnut right away, do not coat with sugar because it will melt.



  1. 炸菜炸弹很特别呢!

  2. Very tempting! Same as you try to avoid 'heaty' food.

  3. hi,请问做好全部doughnut ,最后发酵要多久呢?

  4. 很特别doughunut.改天我也想试试看。

  5. Qiqi,

  6. Viv, thanks.
    You're right, as mum we are always making the best for our family, right....(^_−)−☆

  7. 萍,当全部做好,就可以炸了。

  8. Ah Loy (Girl),

  9. 原来是这样,好的..谢谢你哦!

  10. 我也是在想,哪天也要来试试做甜甜圈!谢谢你的分享。

  11. Kate,


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