March 24, 2012

Mocha CheeseCake~摩卡乳酪蛋糕

This Mocha Cheese Cake is very Mocha...why do I said that?? Once you see this cake you can smell the scent of mocha and you will feel like having a piece immediately..
Texture of this cake is soft, smooth, moisture, velvety and which the Mocha ..its heaven..haha ..really it worth trying..
I mean you must try this if you like MOCHA..;)

 ~mui mui like to slice this Mocha cheeseCake into little square pieces...

 ~the 3 layers, that is plain-mocha-plain...三层式~原味-摩卡-原味 ~

Mocha Cheese Cake
Recipe is adpated from Malaysian Women's Weekly ~ December 2007
(I do make a little changes)
500g cream cheese-room temperature
80g butter -room temperature
300g castor sugar-I used 250g 
3 medium-size eggs
6 tbsps double creme-I used dairy whipping cream
120g all purpose flour-sifted twice
1 tbsp baking powder-sifted twice

Coffee mixture (mixed well)
3 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp warm water-I used 2 1/2 tbsp
2 tbsp coffee essence( available at supermarket)
I used 1 tbsp coffee essence plus 1 tbsp coffee oil
1 tbsp coffee granules
(I used good grades coffee granules-arabica )

To do:
1) Preheat oven to 165C. Line and grease a 23cm square baking tin.
2) Beat cream cheese with butter and sugar until smooth. Add egg one at a time, incorporating well, before adding the next egg.
3) Add double cream and beat mixture for 2 minutes. Add sifted flour and stir with wooden spoon until mixture is smooth. Set aside.
4) Spoon 6 tbps of coffee mixture into a piping bag.
5) Divide cheese mixture into two portions. Stir in the rest of the coffee mixture into one portion to make the mocha mixture.
6) Spoon half of the plain cheese mixture into the baking tin, spread out. Second layer, spoon all of the Mocha mixture onto the plain cheese mixture, spread out. Last layer spoon in the remaining plain cheese mixture.
7) Using a chopstick, swirl the cheese mixture in circular motion to give a marble effect.  (I skip this step because I want the layers to look clean without marble effect)
8) Using the mocha mixture in the piping bag, pipe straight lines across the length of the cake. Then use a skewer to gently pull the mocha mixture lines down to create two rows of swirly design.
9) Place baking tin into a baking dish filled with hot water that comes up to three quarters the sides of the baking tin. Bake for 1 hour or till cake sets. Leave cake to cool in baking tray before removing.

1) spread the plain batter on a lined baking pan.
2) Spread a layer of MoCha after spreading the plain batter .
3) Again apply the last layer of plain batter.
4) Three layers is done.

1) Filled the topping glace into a pipping bag.
2) Pipe straight lines across the length of the cake.
3) Use a skewer to put the chocolate across the lines to create two rows of swirly design. (At first dragging towards you and second dragging away from you)

~The swirly design is a bit messy thou...:p

~Its cooked..opps!! a little crack.
(The crack is due to oven too hot or bake a bit too long or beating to much air in ....:p)
蛋糕好了..啊!有一点裂痕..:(  (裂痕原因可能烤箱太热或烤太久或大蛋糕糊时打的过发噢!!.~

~Just a little crack wouldn't cause much effect after slicing...rite?? ...



  1. Very pretty looking cheesecake you have! Much be very rich with the 1/2kg of cream cheese. Do you leave your cake cool down completely with oven door 'slightly open' ? Or immediately remove from oven and cool at room temperature? Thanks!

  2. Thanks Viv..
    Its semi-light and nice.
    Ya, I left the oven door slightly open a bit...^^
    Viv I have the lady bug steam cake clips ready, how can I show you...^^

  3. Is it possible to send me through e-mail? Thanks!

  4. 哇。。好多步骤哦。。。不过肯定好吃,我来你家吃就好哈哈。。。

  5. Viv, give me your email address. Do inbox me in my fb. I will try email to you...^^

  6. Sally, 不好意思,你被照片吓倒了??


  7. 切成小块,看了很是精致,巧的很哪!

  8. Your cheesecake looks very professional made. Very nice.

  9. 蛋糕真漂亮!
    小肚腩又跑出来say hi了!555~


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