March 20, 2012

Hello Kitty Steam Paus~猫咪蒸包....^^

~Hello Kitty with a big yellow nose...:p
Hello Kitty 猫咪有个大黄鼻子....呵呵~

~A pink ribbon and a polka dot ribbon, a big nose and a small nose..which one do you like??...粉红的小蝴蝶和小白波点的小分红蝴蝶结...大鼻子和小鼻子...哪个你喜欢呢?~

~ Hello Kitty's whisker and eyes is piped on after steaming with cooking chocolate...

~This cute kitty is a cat without a mouth....:p..
这猫咪是...没有嘴巴的猫... :p~

~Take a picture...123...Say Cheeseee......拍张照吧!!!...123..笑...嘻嘻~

Hello Kitty Pau...Hello Kitty猫咪蒸包
Recipe is adapted from: Chinese Buns...recipe book
食谱是来者之: '包好吃' 书

Ingredient for pau dough:

300gms Hong Kong flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp instant yeast
70gms castor sugar
120ml water
25gms shortening or vegetable oil

some red bean paste-rolled into small balls (18-20gms per piece)
some paper cup cases

To do:
1) Mix the ingredients together and knead into a smooth dough.
(I used my bread machine to mix and knead for 20 minutes.)
2) Covered the dough and let it sit for 5 minutes.
3) After 5 minutes knead again until it is smooth and shine.
4) Roll into like sausages long and cut into 30gms per piece, rolled round and covered with a clean cloth.
5) Take 2 pieces of the 30gms dough .. 1 piece add in pink colour and knead to combine..another piece add in yellow colour and knead to combine.
6) Take a piece of the plain 30gms dough and flatten it. (Flatten the dough side thinly and thicker in the middle) Wrapped rolled red bean paste into this flatten dough, sealed and put the sealed part facing down on the paper cup case.
To do the ear, nose and ribbon...
a) Take a piece of dough, use a rolling pin and rolled the dough in rectangle shape. Cut off a corner from the rectangle dough, which will form a triangle shape. This is the ear of Hello Kitty. Brush a little water on one side of the triangle and stick on the ready wrapped red bean pau.
b) Pinch a small bit like a size of a peanut and rolled it into a oval shape and flatten it. This is the nose of Hello Kitty. Flatten it a little, just a little and brush a little water on one side and stick on.
c) Rolled the pink dough into a rectangle shape. Thickness is about 2mm, cut out a piece from the short end about 1cm width and make a twist in the middle. Brush water on one side and stick on.
d) To do, eyes and whisker... Melted some cooking chocolate, filled into a pipping bag. Piped the eye and whisker on after steaming and cooling the paus.
7) When all paus are complete, steam in rolling boiled water for 6 minutes.

~You may choose a big yellow nose or a small yellow nose depends on which one you like...^^..鼻的大小是随意噢~

Tips: This paus do not need proofing after shaping. You may steam it straight after wrapping and shaping.
小贴士: 包子做好后不许待发. 做好就可以蒸了.



  1. 好可爱!

  2. Very pretty and smooth paus! Cute! What kind of paper cups you used? They are evenly round.Steam with the cups right?

  3. 猪猪,我不舍的把你吃掉!来,给我sayang 一下!

  4. 哈哈楼上的查某,请把眼镜戴上,是猫咪啦。。。


  5. Qiqi, 请你吃,不要不舍得哦~...:p

    Vivian, thanks...:)
    I use the plain cupcakes cases.
    I just put the wrapped and shaped paus directly on the cupcake cases and steam for 6 minutes.


  6. What did you do to prevent the shaped buns stick to the cupcake case?(the one aluminum type right?)

  7. Hi Viv, I use the normal paper cupcake cases not the aluminiun ones. Its just the right size for this Hello Kitty paus. It does stick a little thou...

  8. Sally, 我找到遗失的comment了,好开心.
    把Hello Kitty当做小Kitty猪..:D



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