March 16, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes for a little angel....小天使的小蛋糕

~A cupcake ... 小杯子蛋糕~ 

A friend asked 'Do you make cupcakes for children's birthday?'
I asked 'For whose child?'
She answer 'For my girl..Its her birthday tommorow...'
I baked her (JS) 12 little cupcakes.
Happy Birthday to her little angel...^^

~Baked two sets of 22 little cupcakes ....做了食谱的两份...22粒小杯子蛋糕~

This is a last minutes preparation. JS requested to have pink icing on the cupcakes and a simple decoration. I happen to have some sugar gum paste dolly, some jelly beans and some candy hearts so I make use of them. All this little little things really comes in handy when you need it.

~12 cuppies for her little angel .... 12小杯是小天使的~

~Happy Birthday to Eileen~

Guess what?? I still have some left over icing and
make some for ourselves  ...

~The pink icing left not much so I added in a little white icing, it turn out that the pink become pastel pink...nice~

~The sugar gum paste dolly is really cute, personally, I love it...糖霜娃娃很可爱, 我各人很喜欢..你呢?~ 

~A flower cupcake for myself..:D...挤了个菊花型的小蛋糕給自己..^^~

~This cupcake is moist and soft...小蛋糕很松和柔软~

~Try some...have a bite...来来试一试...咬一口吧!!~

**Do get this recipe from here: Happy Valentine's Day



  1. 粉粉的杯子蛋糕。。好喜歡,又來偷吃了哦。。呵呵

  2. 轩宏妈妈,

  3. Hi Viv,
    Thanks for compliments..^^


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