February 09, 2012

My Shawn's favourite chiffon...大宝贝喜爱的戚风蛋糕...:)

My Shawn loves Chiffon cakes... He will eat 2-3 slices at once. He offer to help up when ever I am baking or cooking.  This is my first hands on chiffon cake...why do I said so??
I remember years back when I learned how to bake chiffon cake from my aunty, she gave me this non-failure Pandan Chiffon Cake recipe...:)

我的大宝贝超爱吃戚风蛋糕. 他一次可要吃两-三片. 他是我的小帮手, 每当我做蛋糕或烧菜他都爱帮忙...帮忙帮忙,越帮越忙哈哈还好他真的帮的上. 他会帮我筛粉, 把蛋糕烤盘抹上油, 把鸡拿好放在小碗军备好给我...不错把我的小帮手...^^
这个班兰戚风蛋糕是我第一次学是的初恋... 怎么说呢?
我的阿姨很会做蛋糕, 她给了我这个食谱叫做
就应不败就爱上了而当了初恋... :D

~Pandan Chiffon Cake....班兰戚风蛋糕~

Ingredients A...A料:
5 egg yolk...蛋黄
70g castor sugar...沙糖
90 ml corn oil(me-mui mui, used canola oil)...玉米油(梅梅-我,用花油)
170g self raising flour...自发面粉
60ml coconut milk...椰浆
1/2t salt...盐
2T pandan juice...天然班兰汁

ingredients B...B料:
5 egg white...蛋白
60g castor sugar...沙糖
1t lemon juice...柠檬汁

To do:
Preheated the oven at 170c.
Part A: 
1) In a mixing bowl, pour in yolks and sugar stir to combine.
2) Add in canola oil, mixed well.
3) Add in flour alternately with coconut milk to combine. Do not over-mix. This batter may be a bit thick...but it is ok.. Set aside.
Part B:
1) In another mixing bowl, pour in egg whites. 
2) Whisk egg whites till foamy add in lemon juice keep whisking.
3) Add in castor sugar and whisk until firm peak is formed. 
   (When adding in the sugar, do divide into 3 times to add in while whisking.)
4) Take 1/3 of this whisked egg white and fold into the part A mixture. Fold in the remaining egg white and mix well.

~Ready ...Baked...面糊好了..要拿去烤了~

5) Pour the mixture into a 8" Chiffon tube tray and gently knock a little at the side to release air bubbles.
6) Bake at 170c for 40 minutes. Inverted the done chiffon cake for 30 minutes. Then unmould slice and serve...:)

~Cake is done..need to be inverted it immediately when it comes out from the oven..to prevent cake form collapsing....蛋糕熟了..要立刻倒扣..不然回收缩凹陷~

~蛋糕脱模了...After cooling..then unmould the cake~

~Slice it nicely and serve...切的美美的再排的美美的...笑笑..呵叉..拍了:p ~

~This is for Shawn...大宝贝一个人的量..他超爱吃, 说要吃三片...^^~




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