February 24, 2012

A great combination of banana and chocolate...guess what I make?? 好搭配香焦配巧克力...猜猜我做了什么?

家里前一正有很多香焦, 我的家公在后院种了好多棵香焦树. 一整串採下来还青青的不过几天后就开始黄(熟)了. 我们家自己吃也吃不完,就到处送亲朋好友. 送了好多,

在FB看了一位朋友的巧克力香焦云石七风蛋糕就快快动手做了..  成品还不错噢...^^

~巧克力香焦云石七风出炉了... chocolate banana chiffon cake~

There is lots of ripe banana at my backyard lately. My father in law(FIL) planted a few banana trees there. It happen that two banana trees bare fruits at the same time and ripe at the same time. Too many bananas can't finish and it ripe very fast. I have been giving it to friends and relatives and still can't finish..lol
Recently I saw a FB friend share this 'chocolate banana marble chiffon cake' recipe. I quickly give it a try.... result was awesome. The sweetness of banana combine with the bittersweet of the chocolate and the texture of this chiffon cake is really smooth and fine...I like it very much.


~After cooled and unmould from the tube pan~

Banana chocolate Marble chiffon ccake

(A) 6 egg yolks
40g corn oil or any vegetable oil (I used canola oil)
3 ripe bananas (about 180g) peeled and mashed
90g fresh milk
180g plain flour

B) 6 egg white
    110g castor sugar

C) 2 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder. (I used unsweetened cooking chocolate 20g)

To Do:
1) Mixed egg yolk and canola oil together and stir well.
2) Add in mashed banana, mixed well. 
3) Add in flour alternately with fresh milk and mixed to combine. Set aside.
4) Beat egg white till it is foamy, then add in castor sugar. (divide into three time to add in) continue beating until stiff (firm peak is form).
5) Take 1/3 of this whisked egg white and fold into yolk mixture. Fold in the remaining egg white and mix well. 
6) Take 1/3 of this ready mixed (5), fold in cooking chocolate.
7) Pour 1/2 of the original batter into the prepared tube baking tray, then add in the chocolate part and the other half of original batter again.
8) Baked in a preheated oven at 180c and bake for 45 minutes. Inverted cake straight after it is cooked.
**This is a very nice cake, do give it a try...:)

~第一片,请你吃....This is the first piece, for you..~

~Texture of this cake is soft and spongey..nice..



  1. 香蕉配巧克力,我也喜欢哦。。

  2. Sally,


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