December 19, 2011

Pumpkin ondeh-ondeh-南瓜椰丝球

上次买好大一粒南瓜, 冰箱里现在还有一些存货. 想要怎样把它消了.  先前做了南瓜金龟糕再来南瓜七枫蛋糕, 南瓜蒸包...^^现在是Ondeh-Ondeh~
喜欢Ondeh-Ondeh的柔软的皮, 里面香甜的豆沙, 外面还滚上多汁的椰丝...好吃..:)


100g glutinous flour..糯米粉
50g pumpkin - steamed and mashed 
南瓜-蒸熟, 压成泥
1 tbsp oil..食油
1/2 tbsp sugar...糖
50ml water...水
some red bean paste...豆沙馅
some grated coconuts add a pinch of salt

To do:做法:
1) Mixed mashed pumpkin, oil, sugar and water together to combine.
把南瓜泥, 食油, 糖, 水拌均匀.

2) Make a well in the middle of the glutinous flour and pour (1) in and mixed into a soft 
dough. (If you find it is too dry do add a little water.)
把糯米粉中间挖个洞, 把(1)倒入拌成团.(可加少许水如果太干)

3) Pinch a small piece of the dough, roll it round, flatten it, wrap into a piece of red bean 
paste and sealed neatly. Repeat doing the same until all the dough is use up.
拿一小块米团, 搓圆, 按平, 包入豆沙馅再封口.

4) Boil a big pot of water, when the water is rolling boil, drop the ondeh-ondeh in. When the ondeh-ondeh float means it is cooked. Use a strainer to scoop them out, drain and rolled in grated coconuts. Serve.
煮开一大锅水, 当水滚了, 把ondeh-ondeh放进滚开的水. 当看到ondeh-ondeh浮上表面就可以捞上, 滤干再滚上椰丝.

**This is good to serve in the same day because grated coconut can't keep for too long. It will turn sour.
**这糕点较适合在一天内, 享用完. 因为, 椰丝放太久会变酸.

~Rolled the boiled ondeh-ondeh in grated coconut..

~原来南瓜做的也蛮...好吃..making ondeh-ondeh with pumpkin is really nice too~

~滚上新鲜的椰丝味道最好...Freshly grated coconut is tastier ~



  1. 哈哈~ 请你吃吧! 还不错吃哦...:)

  2. I never tried Pumpkin ondeh ondeh before...

  3. Hi Sharon, ondeh-ondeh is very nice, if you have time do try make it...^^


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