November 28, 2011

Char Xiu Steam Buns ....Nanny balik Kampung~2nd episod... 保姆回Kampung的~下集...^^

今天必需留在家噢!还是要好几天呢。 ~保姆balik kampung记之下集。
上集。。。 我做了千层蛋糕,感觉像过年了~~~
下集。。。我留在家陪小宝贝,也趁机休息,看看书,看看电视节目. 从来,不曾看早上的电视节目. 今天例外了, 在家边看节目, 边陪小宝贝. 电视播了个台湾的烹饪节目是
"大饼的烹饪补习班" 今天的食谱是"蚝叉烧包" 很吸引我, 更有趣的是, 包子不用包美美, 只需简单包一下...蒸了就会"笑"...有趣吧~~

Nanny is going to balik kampung for a few days. We are going to stay home looking after my little one for a week or so. Staying home is meaning to say I got more chance to read my books and watch TV. Today I am watching this program from Taiwan, it is about cooking classes. The topic for today is "How to make yummy Oyster sauce char xiu bao?" 
What interest me is that 'you do not need to warp the bao nicely, just a simple wrap will do because when you steam it, it will 'SMILE' crack beautifully. Isn't that nice...^^

~Oyster sauce char xiu bao~蚝叉烧包~

蚝香叉烧包~ Oyster sauce

 Oyster sauce filling:
200g  char xiu 
3 Tbsp castor sugar
1/2 cup water
3 Tbsp oyster sauce
1 Tbsp sesame oil
some tapioca starch

To do:
  •  Cubed the char xiu and mix in sugar, oyster sauce, sesame oil and water together. Bring to boil in a sauce pan until the liquid is a bit dry then mixed a little starch water to thicken this filling. Dish up, set aside.

4 两/ 200克 叉烧肉
3 大匙 幼糖
1/2 杯 水
3 大匙 蚝油
1 大匙 麻油

  • 把叉烧切碎入锅, 加入糖, 麻油, 蚝油和水煮. 等到汤汁收干之後,加入少许太白粉水勾芡, 放凉备用.

~Bao dough is ready to rest for 20 minutes~~

  Bao skin ingredients:
90g wheat flour
210g low protein flour 
90g castor sugar
6g or 2 tsp instant yeast
6g or 4 tsp baking powder
30g cooking oil

To do:
1) Sieve wheat flour and low protein flour together.
2) Make a well in the center and pour in 120g water, sugar and yeast.
3) Stir well water, sugar, yeast and start mixing in the flour together into a dough.
4) Add in 30g oil knead well then add in 4 tsp baking powder and knead in a smooth and soft dough.
5) Sit the dough covered for 20 minutes for the flour gluten to relax.
6) Pinch a small portion of the dough, rolled with a rolling pin. Rolled into a round shape with the middle thicker then the sides. Sides should be rolled thinly. Then wrapped in the char xiu filling and sealed up neatly. Don't need to pleat any fancy pattern, just simple.

~Simple sealed up the bao sides....简易的把包封口,就行了~
7) Place the bao onto a piece of papercup case and steam over high heat for 10 minutes.

**I divided the dough into 13 pieces of 40g each.

90克 澄粉
210克 低筋面粉
90克 幼糖
6克 或 2 匙 酵母
6克 或 4 小匙 泡打粉
30克 食油

1) 将90克澄粉和210克低筋面粉过筛後,洒在工作台上.
2) 中间挖空,倒入120克的水,糖以及酵母.
3) 先将水,糖及酵母拌匀, 再加入粉类, 和匀成团.
4) 加入30克的油揉匀後, 加入4小匙泡粉, 揉匀成光滑状.
5)用容器盖上, 休息20分钟, 等待面团松弛.
6) 取一小块面团, 用杆面棍杆成边薄内厚的面皮, 再包入内馅.
7) 封口之後, 放在蒸笼纸上, 并放入蒸笼中.
8) 用大火蒸10分钟就完成 .

~(6) 我把面团都分切成每一粒40克...I divided the doughs into 40g each~

~(7) 包入叉烧馅再封口~...Wrapped the filling and sealed up the bao skin.

~包好了, 要进锅蒸了...All are ready to go into wok and steam~

~香蚝叉烧包子.好了...Oyster sauce bao is ready..Serve~~

~This is the baos after steamed~smile~smile~...蒸好的包子..笑..笑~~

**Tips: Do make sure your baking powder is still valid and not expired. Baking powder is the secret of, why the bao "SMILE" (cracked).
小贴士: 泡打粉是让这包子"笑"的秘诀, 所以做这包子时,必需检查您的泡打粉是否还是有效...^^



  1. 你的叉烧包做得好漂亮哦,还会开口笑呢。。

  2. 我的疑问,和楼上的那个美女一样,

  3. Sally 和 Kate 美女们其实是泡打粉在作怪,做是一定要肯定,泡打粉是有笑的. 秘诀在这,是师傅教的...^^

  4. Very nice big smile in your steamed buns! I wonder can I use all low protein flour? Thanks!

  5. 泡打粉4茶匙还蛮多的哦。。

  6. Thanks, Vivian. I am following the recipe which have to add wheat flour. I am not sure can put all low protein flour or not. I will check and let you know...^^

    Sally, 是咯. 我看到食谱时也觉得很多了,不过食谱需要这个分量, 就跟了...:)

  7. Hi Mui Mui,
    This is the first time i see smiling paus made without kan sui (ammonium bicarbonate). I am really interested in making smiling pau but I dun have kan sui, so I am looking for alternatives. Just curious, you are using quite a fair amount of baking powder, will that affect the taste, or will it lead to a lot of wind in the stomach, hehe.

  8. Hi Mui Mui,
    I just made some char siew baos using another recipe and I used 10g baking powder and 8g instant yeast. So I was wrong about my previous comment. It does seem that we do need to use a fair amount of baking powder when we make such smiling CSB :) But my 10g baking powder is only 2 tsp, not 4 tsp. 4 tsp should be 20 grams?


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