October 23, 2011

Simply Just Pineapple Tart...就是那么平凡的黄梨塔...^^

Simply just Pineapple tart, I like the taste of Homemade pineapple jam. Not too much of additives, flavouring and it is just simply original natural taste. Tasted lots of pineapple tart bought from the supermarket, just can't find that original pineapple taste. Want something difference...Do it yourself :D

The pastry, which wrapped up the jam also played a important part. Both have to compliment each other to make a delicious pineapple tart. Only with good butter that can  give the tart pastry a rich buttery scent. Once bite into the tart you can taste the buttery scent, soft, melt-in-mouth pastry and the full of pineapple aroma jam .....it just simply delicious...^^
(some details was edited on Feb '13)

~cook your own pineapple jam..you will appreciated it...

就是那么平凡的黄梨塔..但是平凡中的原汁原味..好吃. 我不爱黄梨馅里加太多的调料, 因为这样子会吃不到黄梨的香和味道. 塔皮要用纯牛油才香. 找篇了超市都找不到那味道. 好挑剔!!! 自己做吧, 爱用什材料都可以. 纯牛油香的塔皮包入香香浓厚的黄梨馅..咬一口就溶在口里...好好满足的感觉...^^

~Just shape it whatever size and shape you like...
一粒粒的黄梨塔(小饼干) 做大做小都可以自己爱做怎样就怎样...:p~

Pineapple tart...黄梨塔
recipe source: mui's sil (Lan)s
3 small size pineapple (about 720g)
300g sugar
To do:
1) Remove the pineapple skin and cut into chuck. Blend this pineapple chuck into semi fine paste. Pour into a thick base sauce pan, add in sugar and cooked on low heat until it form into jam. Dish up to let it cool.
*When you sees the pineapple juice dried up and the pineapple have a caramel colour. This can be make a day ahead and keep it in the fridge.

250g butter - soften at room temperature
(i used Axxxx Brand)
375g plain flour
20g corn flour
50g icing sugar

1 yolk for glazing

To do:
1) Beat butter and icing sugar till pale. 
2) Sieve plain flour and corn flour together and blend into (1) just to combine to form into a dough. 
3) Pinch a 15g of the dough, roll round and flatten it. Wrapped 1/2 a teaspoon of the pineapple jam, sealed up and rolled into a oval shape. Make criss-cross line onto the tart surface and glaze with egg yolk. Do the same to the rest of the dough.
4) Preheated oven at 180c and bake for 12 minutes. Cooled the tarts on the wire rack before storing in container.

If this is a bite then you can see the nice  crumbly pastry BUT this is a cut with a knife so it is clean and neat.

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