October 31, 2011

Durian, durian, durian ...season is here?....榴连飘香..是榴连季节到了吗?

Durian is a delicacy in Southeast Asia. My whole family LOVE durian very much. That means, this including my boys (my eldest is 6, second is 4 and youngest is 2) they are also loving it. As we know too much durian will cause heaty body. To prevent them from get heaty we did not even buy  one durian this year. Always saw lots of the D24, D93 selling in the road side store, just tell ourselves too expensive hahahahha....YOu might think WHY so kasihan..so torture ...:p What to do for the sake of my boys.


Guess what?? No matter how we hide and avoid it comes... Law of attraction I guess, the more you think of it, the more it will stick to you....XD. My dear sister SC come to my house with a durian in her hand. She said "This is for you it just drop from my durian tree" OMG...see it comes..YEAH!!!..accept it. Thanks dear SC. Comes again the next day with 2 again..this time is a bigger durian, the flesh is thick and seed is so flat. 
My elder is just like a bee following the honey running around the durian. Soooo....I have to give them(my boys) the durian and save some for my durian cheesecake...that I would not miss doing it.

~Durian Light Cheese cake~

~This cake is really light and nice....蛋糕很香,吃起来又不腻..

I decide to make a Durian Light cheese cake. Never thought of making this cake until I saw this book 'Cheese cake by chef Alan Kok. 
Durian Light Cheese Cake

Ingredients/ 材料:
(A) 250g cream cheese...奶油乳酪..室温软化
     ..soften at room temperature
        3 egg yolks...蛋黄
     150ml fresh milk...鲜奶水
     150g durian flesh...榴连肉
(B)    3 egg whites...蛋白
      60g castor sugar...细沙糖

1 piece 7' sponge cake
1 片7寸的海绵蛋糕

1 7" loose bottom round baking tray
1 个 7寸的脱底的圆形蛋糕

2 pieces of aluminiun foil to wrap the cake tray base
2 片锡纸用来包蛋糕模的底

To do:
Prepared the 7' loose bottom baking tray, put the sponge cake on the bottom of the tray. Preheated oven at 180c.
1) Beat cream cheese till smooth, add in egg yolks one at a time, combine well after each adding.
2) Add in durian flesh and milk combine well, set aside.
3) In a clean mixing bowl whisk egg whites until bubble appear, then divide into 2 times to add sugar and whisk till stiff peak.
4) Take 1/3 of the egg white and fold in (2), combine well, again fold in the other 1/3 mix well and last 1/3 of the egg whites.
5) Pour mixture into prepared baking tray and wrap up the aluminiun foil at the bottom. Water bath this cake at 180c for 20 minutes and 140c for 1 1/2 hour.
6) Take out the cake, cool and fridge it for at least 2-3 hours before serve.

把海绵蛋糕放入蛋糕模备用. 预热烤箱180c.
1) 把奶油乳酪/芝士用打蛋器拌软滑, 加入蛋黄一个一个下拌至均匀.
2) 再加入榴连肉和鲜奶水搅拌均, 备用.
3) 把蛋百打至起泡, 再把糖分三次加入打至干性起泡.
4) 把打好的蛋白分三次拌入(2)至均匀.
5) 倒入以放上海绵蛋糕的模里. 用隔水法烤这蛋糕,现以180c烤20分钟再调到140c烤1小时30分钟.
6) 把蛋糕拿出烤箱,待冷,放入冰箱2-3小时,就ok了. 可以吃了.

~Cut a piece for YOU...^^...你也来一片吧...^^~

~one for me and....这是我的...还有...~

~this one is for YOU....这是你的...^^~

**食谱是来自Alan Kok 老师的书....^^
**Recipe is from Chef Alan Kok's Cheese cake book.

Some health tips...小小健康贴士...^^

Do you know why after taking durian easily get heaty???
This prickly durian fruit has an odor like strong cheese and plenty of vitamins and minerals including potassium. Ahha..this is the mineral that will make you heaty when you take too much durian. Too much of potassium will take away sodium (salt) in your body that will cause the heaty body. This two mineral must be equal amount in our body to keep our body in a balance condition. So....when we take durian we normally will make salt water to drink...right..this is to balance up the lost of sodium in our body. Hope that this little health tips will bring benefit to you...^^

榴连富有很多维他命和矿物质,尤其是钾. 我们的身体的钾和钠必需平衡. 当吃过量的榴连身体的钾过多就会带走钠, 身体就会发热气. 有没想过为什么吃了榴连要喝盐水?  哈哈...就是要补充钠.

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