October 30, 2011

Confinement ... Black vinegar vs sweet vinegar ...黑醋, 添丁黑醋, 甜醋, 醋,醋,醋..你爱吃醋吗?

A mother to be is a very exciting moment. When baby comes, everyone at home are so so excited. Busy, busy, busy starts...caring for the post natal mum and the new born. Confinement starts...this is a healing stage..the mum have to get more rest, eat nutritiously, a lot of family member moral support and most of all.... is still eat lots of health, nutritious food and traditional chinese recipes kind of cooking. These recipes believe to help the mum to restore energy levels and restore the mother's health. I called this kind of food recipes as confinement essences.
My niece BP had just delivered to a lovely baby boy. It is her 12th day in confinement. We, her(BP) mother side family will go to visit her on the 12th day. I help to cook for her Vinegar Trotter Soup...^^

1 pig trotter about 1.5kg to 1.8kg
1 bottle sweetend black vinegar
2 tbsp rock sugar
500ml water
500g young ginger
3 tbsp sesame oil

~main ingredients pig trotter, rock sugar, sweetened black vinegar n ginger~

To do:
1) Clean the pig trotter and cut into convenient pieces. Scrap of the young ginger skin a spoon. Clean it, flatten it slight with the back of a cleaver and set aside for later use.
2) Heat up sesame oil and saute ginger until it is fragrance. Dish up and put into   a claypot, pour in sweetened black vinegar and water.  Bring to boil then turn to low heat, simmer for 20 minutes. (Cover) Remove from heat let it soak and rest for over night.
3)Blanch the pig trotter pieces to get rid of the scum. Remove and drain. Stir fry in a preheated wok for a while. Add in rock sugar, continue stir fry till sugar dissolve and aromatic.
4) Lastly bring the black vinegar soup to the boil. Add in the perfried pig trotter pieces, cover and cook over low heat for 35 minutes. Remove from heat but leave the trotter pieces continue soak in the vinegar soup till thoroughly tender and the flavour has be absorded. Dish up and serve hot.

**notes:  Also can put in hard boiled egg for more flavour. Put in the hard boil egg just after the vinegar soup is boil and do not boil too long or the egg will be really hard...^^  I cook this way it is easy and convenience plus it is simply delicious....^^


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  1. 这道菜肴有好一段时间没品赏了,好想念哦!对于醋我超爱的,尤其是吃卤面时。。。


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