September 23, 2011

Pumpkin Loaf/Toast bread~南瓜面包/土司

Pumpkin, you can cook with it, make a pie with it, make malay delicacies with it, bake with it ....can do a lot with it. I like making bread with all type of health ingredients like pumpkin, beetroot, celery, carrot and a lot more. It is good for kids and old folks, if they do not take much vegetable in they diet. By blending this natural ingredient in they will get extra nutrition and dietary fibre.

~Pumpkin Toast Bread..南瓜土司~

200g bread flour..面包粉
50g plain flour...普通面粉
50g sugar..糖
3/4 tsp salt..盐
2 tsp instant yeast..酵母
55g cold milk..冷鲜奶
50g cold pumpkin puree..冷南瓜泥
30g water (cold)..冷水
20g egg..蛋
30g carotino oil ~ I use butter..carotino 油~我使用牛油

To do:
1) Mix together water, pumpkin puree, egg and milk in a bowl.
2) In a mixer, combine bread flour, plain flour, sugar, salt and yeast. Pour pumpkin mixture into the bowl and fit the bowl onto the mixer fitted with a dough hook.
3) Knead the mixture for 20 minutes on low speed until gluten developed and dough is smooth, add in carotino oil (butter) and continue beating until elastic.
4) Round dough into a ball, place into a tray and cover it tightly with cling film, allow dough to proof for 40 minutes.
1) 把水,南瓜泥,蛋和牛奶混合.
2) 把面包粉, 普通面粉, 糖, 盐和酵母和(1)用搅拌器拌均匀.
3) 用低速度搅拌面团20分钟至面团起筋,光滑,再加入牛油搓均匀.
4) 把面团滚圆, 放进盆中,用保鲜膜包好,待第一次发酵40分钟.

**如果您是用面包机,就简单多了,把材料都倒入面包机盆,按搓面团就可以了. 当面团好了就可以整

~Put all the ingredients into the bread pan.....把材料都放进面包盆~

**If you are using a bread maker then it is much more simple...just add all the above ingredients into the bread pan and press mix and knead mode. When the cycle is finish, you can shape the dough straight away.

~This is the bread pan that I used to make this bread loaf....这是我用来做这土司的模子~

 ~After rolled, place into the bread pan ready to proof for 40 minutes.....卷好的面团再做第二次发酵40分钟~

~After proof for 40 minutes, the size is double.....40分钟后发酵面团以变双倍~ 

~Top of the risen dough is smooth....表面光滑
5) Preheat oven for 170c, once the dough have doubled it size,bring it out and place on a clean working surface. Lightly press the dough to release air, flatten out to 1 inch thickness. Roll up tightly to form roulade. Place the dough into a greased loaf tin and allow to proof second time for another 40 minutes until size is doubled.
6) Cover the loaf tin with its lid and bake for 45 minutes or until done. Unmould  the loaf and cool on wire rack.

5) 预热烤箱170度c, 当第一次发酵完成. 把面团轻轻压平,把气泡去了.再杆成1"厚. 再紧紧的卷起像瑞士卷. 再放进面包烤模里. 第二次发酵40分钟或面团发至双倍.
6) 发酵好了,把盖子盖上就可以送进烤箱, 烤45分钟. 土司烤好后要立刻脱模待冷.

**Recipe is adapted from food magazine My Nourishment (Issue 009) by Ryan Khang.

~Bread loaf after unmould.....脱了模的土司~

 ~Slices of this bread loaf....却好了来...来...吃吧!!!~



  1. Hi Mui,
    If you are using a breadmaker to make the dough, do you have to proof twice?

  2. Hi Jade,
    Yes, proof twice.
    After kneading let it rise for 40-45 minutes. Or dip your pointer finger into the flour then poke into your ready dough. If the poke area not spring back a lot then it is ready for the first rising.
    Divide the dough as you desire. Then carry on with the 2nd rise(proof).
    Hope this will help :D


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