September 20, 2011

Pudding angkoo~红姑布丁

Seanan's nanny went to Penang for a trip. She went with some of her friends for a special event. She tasted all the great local delicacies in Penang. One of them she always remember is Puding angkoo. It is her birthday month (september) I made her this Puding angkoo. Maybe is a another version but it taste just as good...^^
Mama (宝贝是这样叫褓母) 是很有爱心的褓母. 她很会照顾孩子,她照顾的孩子都是肥肥白白又可爱. 哈哈讲到像小猪那样...:p Mama也有参加一些社团. 前些月Mama去了槟城参加活动,就尝了那里很多美食. 其中的美食是红姑布丁. 这个月是她的生日我做了红姑布丁送她吃.

~3 different colour of angkoo puding...三色红姑布丁~

红姑布丁~Angkoo Puding
3 tsp agar-agar powder..菜燕粉
400 ml water..水
100g sugar..糖
50 ml thick coconut milk..椰浆
50 ml fresh milk..鲜奶
2 pandan leaves ~knotted..班兰叶
green, red and purple colouring..青,红,紫色素
cooked red bean paste..黑豆沙馅

To do:
1) Boil agar-agar powder, water, sugar and pandan leaves together.
2) Remove from stove and add in coconut milk and fresh milk. Divide into 4 portion and add in green, red, purple and plain.
3) Pour agar-agar mixture into angkoo moulds until half full and allow to set a little before adding in the red bean paste.
4) Pour in the other half onto the angkoo mould until it is full.
5) Allow to set, knock out and serve cold.

1) 把菜燕 ,水,糖和班兰叶一起煮滚.
2) 离火,加入鲜奶和叶浆. 分4份,个别加入青, 红,紫色.
3) 把煮好的菜燕倒进红姑模型. 倒半满,待半凝固再放入黑豆沙再倒满红故模.
4) 待凝固, 脱模就可以吃 ...^^


~内馅是黑豆沙...the filling is red bean paste~

**Recipe is adapted from The Joy of Baking by
Bake with Yen(KL)


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