September 26, 2011

Old times favorite local hawker's delight..~..小时的街边风味小吃..^^

Angkoo is a kind of Nyonya kueh (sweet dessert) and its local hawker's delight. It is made from glutinous rice flour with sweet  smooth and soft mung bean paste as filling. Then it is pressed in a mould looks like a tortoise and  place on a piece of shaped banana leaf and steam for 10-15 minutes. They believe the tortoise is a symbol of long life and prosperity.  Poeple use it as one of the return gifts to friends on Baby's Full Moon. 
The taste is wonderful the skin is soft, sweet, sticky and the filling is smooth, sweetmade of mung bean or green bean paste. My boys love this kueh very much.

~Kueh Angkoo...红菇糕~

Ingredients for skin...皮料:
50g rice flour, mixed with 210ml water and 3 1/2 tbsp oil, stirred and boiled, cooled
300g glutinous rice flour..糯米粉
a little bright red colouring...红色素
enough water to mix into dough...适量水
(I used approximately 180-200ml of water...我用了大概180-200毫升的水)

Ingredients for Filling....馅料:
150g mung bean split, washed, soaked for 4 hours or overnight ~ steam and mashed finely
2 tbsp oil....大匙油
100g sugar....糖

1 big piece of banana leaf, cut into oval shape (for lining the angkoo)
1 大片香焦叶,剪成椭圆型
some oil for brushing the leaves and angkoo skin

~Left side is the angkoo that have not steam....right side is the cooked angkoo kueh....左边是未蒸的....右边是蒸熟的~

To do filling:
1) Stir fried the mashed mung bean  with sugar and oil until it can leave the side of the pan. 
Dish out and let it cool. Rolled into 20g ball each.
1) 拌炒预先打好的绿豆泥, 再把绿豆泥搓成每一粒20克,备用.

~Mung bean filling is rolled into balls for easy wrapping....把绿豆馅搓圆,每一粒20克~

To do skin:
1)  Mix and knead all the ingredients together into a pliable dough. Divide into 26 pieces of 30g each small  dough. (Depends on the size of your mould.)
2) Wrap a filling (20g each) with 30g skin. Press into angkoo mould and knock out, lined with a piece of  greased banana leaf. Steam  with high heat for 3-5 minutes.

1) 把面糊搓均,分成小粒,大约30克一粒. (看您的模子的大小而分)
2) 把20克的馅料包入以按平的小面团. 

 1) Wrap mung bean paste in the dough...把绿豆馅包入皮内.
2) Press into the angkoo mould...按进红菇糕模里.

3) Press firmly ...按平.
4) Greased the banana leaves...把香焦叶抹上油.

5) Knock out and place in a piece of banana leaf 

 把包好的面团按入模中,敲出放在抹好油之香焦叶上, 用大火蒸约3-5分钟.
 取出, 抹上一些油就ok了.

~Brush with some cooking oil when the angkoo is ready...with oil the kueh will not stick to your hand...烝好的红菇糕需扫上 少食油... 防黏手~



  1. 我也很喜欢吃ang ku kuih哦~

  2. 欢迎你到访噢..请你吃..
    Tracy, 我可以link你吗?

  3. 好漂亮!


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