September 18, 2011

Easy make steam bao...with sengkuang (sweet turnip) as filling~~简易叉烧包...内馅是豆薯

Hubby and I visited a old friend last week. We visited this friend (SL) at his shop. The shop sells lots of different vegetables and poultry. He have been an old friend and classmate of my hubby since primary school. After visiting, when we left he gave us a big Sengkuang.

Sengkuang is the name of this root corp known by Malaysian. It is known by the Chinese name 'bang kuan' to us Chinese who live in Southeast Asia and in Mandarin Chinese, it is known as 'dou shu' (豆薯). Sengkuang has a layer of thin brown skin and crispy, sweet and white flesh. It can be taken raw or cooked. It is usually use to make salad, rojak or all types of savory kueh muih filling.
With this sengkuang given by SL, I used it to make my steam bao filling. It is a savoury filling with crispy texture when you chew it. The sengkuang gives the crispy and sweet taste for this filling.

~Sengkuang filling in the steam bao..
里头的豆薯馅料 ~

~This is the products ~ Pretty steam bao.... 

Ingredients for filling: 馅才料:
350-400g sengkuang ~ washed,peeled and cut into strips
1 1/2 tbsp dried shrimp or prawn ~ washed and chopped
150g mince meat ~ marinate with 2 tsp light soy sauce and 1 tsp corn flour
1 big onion ~peeled and chopped
2 tbsp fish sauce
dashes of pepper

To do:
1)  In a wok add in some cooking oil. Saute the chopped onion and chopped dried prawn till fragrant.

2) Add in mince meat and stir fried lightly. Add in sengkuang strips and stir fried till the sengkuang is soft but not soggy. (This is to keep the sengkuang crispy texture. At this time, the sengkuang will have a caramelise colour). 

3)Add fish sauce and pepper stir to combine. Dish up to let it cool, stor in fridge for later use. (You can cook this filling a day ahead and keep in the fridge).

 1.  把少许食油放进锅, 爆香虾米和大葱. 
2.  加入肉拌炒,加入豆薯(bang kuan),拌炒到豆薯软但不出水.(要保持豆薯爽口的咬劲) 豆薯拌炒后会有焦糖的色泽.
3. 再加入鱼露和胡椒粉拌炒. 盛起,待冷,置入冰箱冷冻备用.(可预先一天煮好放冰箱备用)

Ingredients for the bao skin: 包皮材料:
6-7 oz water 水
105g sugar 糖
500g Hong Kong flour add in 2 tsp double action baking powder ~ sieved 
2 tbsp shortening 白油
12g instead yeast 酵母

To do:
**I am using bread maker machine to mix and knead this dough.
1) Pour all the bao skin ingredients into the bread pan and use kneading mode to mix and knead into a smooth dough.
(mode 11 if you are using the same bread maker machine as mine~Noxxa Breadmaker)

2) Take out the smooth dough and divide into 40g per portion, this recipe will make approximately 21 small portions. Flatten the small dough into round shape , wrap in the filling and pleats. ( Flatten the round dough thick in the middle and   thin at the side, this is to prevent the filling from coming out from the bottom of the bao)  Place on a paper cup. Cover with a damp cloth to prove till double in size (about 25-30minutes).

3) Steam over boiling water for 10 minutes.

** If you have extra steam bao left, they can be kept in a air thight container and store in freezer for 2-3 weeks. 

~ all bao are ready to be prove ...包子在等,发酵...~

 ~ Hand made... each of the bao have its own look
手工...每一粒包子花纹都不同 ~

~ This ones are not steam yet.... the look will be the same after steaming

** 我是用面包机打面团的. 我是用NOXXA面包机.
1) 把包皮的材料放入面包机,搅拌至光滑,取出切成等份,约每粒40克,檊成圆形, 包入馅料收口, 放在纸杯上,再用濕布盖,待发双倍(25-30分钟).

2) 蒸笼或蒸锅水大滚後把包子放入, 以大火蒸10分钟,就ok了:)

~Steam is cooked..^^....包子蒸了..~

~After steaming the bao still holds the pleated look ....包子蒸好了样子还是没走..^^



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