August 19, 2011

Peanut Sesame Balls and Savoury Dumpling...which one do you like?..~ 花生芝麻球和珍珠咸水角..那个你喜欢呢?..

 My mum use to make this Peanut sesame balls and Savoury dumpling for sell. Lot of her customers love her signature 'kuih'. They will come back for more or even order from her in advance.
When we(my sisters and I) were little, we always help up with the house chores and also doing all the 'kuih' for sell. Now we are all married and have our own family but still we can always go home to get a taste of this 'kuih'.I love all the variety of 'kuih' my mum make and I want to preserved the recipes so that I can make them for my kids, friends and may next time to my grand children .....:p
Going to share this two types of 'kuih' The Peanut sesame balls and Cantonese Savoury dumpling. There are three types of fillings and they can be recognise by their shape.  The round one is with peanut, the oval one is with red bean paste and the one shape like a olive seed is savoury that is 'sengkuang' fillings. So which one do you like....~~

~ These are the one with sesame seeds ~ 
~ 芝麻煎堆~

 ~ These are the one without sesame seed which is called Cantonese Savoury dumpling. ~
~ 广东咸水角 ~

Peanut sesame balls and Cantonese savoury dumpling
Ingredient for the skin:

100g glutinous flour
60g water
30g castor sugar
30g shortening ~I used crisco

20g wheat flour
60g hot water

Some white sesame seeds
Some cooking oil for deep frying

To do:

1) Pour hot water into wheat flour and mix into a dough. Add sugar into glutinous flour and mix together with the dough. Knead dough until it is smooth and will not stick to hands.

2) Mix in 60g water, then divide into a few addition to mix shortening into the dough and knead into a smooth dough. Cover and set aside for 30 minutes.

3) While waiting, may prepare the fillings and sprinkle white sesame seeds on a dry plate, set aside for later use. Roll the dough long, cut into 20g eaches, wrap a teaspoon of peanut filling and shape it round. You can also wrap red bean paste(10g) into it and shape it oval or savoury sengkuang filling inside and shape it like a olive seed.

~ this is the one without sesame seeds ~

~ this is the one with roll on sesame seeds ~

4) Wet the skin of the dumpling with a little water and roll onto the prepared sesame seeds. (if you want to have it plain, do not roll the sesame seed on)

5) Heat up oil in a saucepan or wok. Make sure oil it hot around 80c to 100c (dip a chopstick into oil, if the oil bubbling around the chopstick mean it is hot enough)

6) Put the dumplings into hot oil, do not stir it at first. Turn the heat down. Wait for a few minutes, then start to stir the dumpling continously, now turn the heat up. Fried till the dumplings is golden brown then it is ready. Dish up and leave dumplings on wire rack to dip of excess oil.

115g peanuts ~toast or pan fry without til is cooked
30g castor sugar

100g red bean paste

savoury filling:
150g sengkuang ~shredded or cut into fine strips
1 tbsp dried shrimp ~washed
1 medium onion ~sliced
1 tbsp  thai fish sauce
a pinch of salt

To do:
1) Heat up some oil in a wok, saute onion till soft add in dried shrimp and stir fried till fragrant.

2) Add in sengkuang, fried till it is soft and colour change to caramel. Do not add water to soften it but turn to low heat to cook it soft.

3) Lastly, add in fish sauce and salt. It is ready. 

 ~These are make recently (15/4/12) so I took pictures to update here~

 ~The filling is savory sengkuang/yam bean ~


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