August 23, 2011

Own home grown banana by gong gong ~ made Banana Puff.....自家后院公公种了香焦~ 用香焦做了香焦角

Gong gong grown some banana trees at our backyard, now the banana trees have bare lots of fruits. Too many I can say, we are trying to give to friends and relatives and also keep some for ourselves. Other then eating the fruit plain, I also use them to make muffin, cake, pie, pancake and puff.

Today I am making Banana Puff. I saw this puff pastry in a magazine and found it is very interesting. I use to go to bookstore and browse around the magazine. If I found something interesting I would not let it slip away, I would lay hand on to try out the recipe when I get home....:p

This is a malay style puff pastry, it is flaky, crunchy outside and soft inside. It is really nice and delicious...(",)

~This is the Banana Puff, my sister and I made 20 of this miniature puff~

Puff pastry water skin pastry ingredients (A):
150g plain flour
20g icing sugar
40g shortening..I use Crisco
40-60ml water
To do:
1) Mix all of this water skin ingredients together and sit, rest for 30 minutes.
2) Divide into 12 portions, that is about 20g each portion.

Oil skin pastry ingredients (B):
80g plain flour
30g shortening
15g cooking oil
1/8 tsp salt

To do:
1) Mix all of the ingredients together and form into a soft dough. Divide this into 12 portions, that is 10g each small portion.

To assemble the doughs into puff pastry..
1) Wrap (B) into (A).
2) Flatten the dough and roll back like a swiss roll.
3) Roll the swiss roll flat again with a rolling pin and this time roll back again from the opposite way that you roll the first time.
4) Now you can see it is a short and fat swiss roll. Cut in the middle and flatten it and wrap the filling in.
5) Pinch or twist to seal the edges and it is ready to bake.
6) Preheated oven at 180c and bake for 25 minutes.

~One of the baked Banana Puff~

Banana filling ingredients:
2 banana ~ cubed
1-2 tbsp apricot jam
1/8 tsp cinnamon powder
1-2 tsp brown sugar
To do:
Mix all ingredients together and it is ready.

                                     ~Banana filling in this Banana PUff is not bad..its nice~

~ They all look puffy and nice ~

** You can wrap any filling that you like in this malay puff pastry. Savoury filling is very very nice if you wrap in this malay puff pastry.

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