July 19, 2011

Tea time 20 ~ Second attempt to make Swiss Roll...

Attractive strawberry, tempted to give it a bite....:p What is more delicious then red juicey strawberry cover with sliky smoothe cream that roll in a soft sponge cake ....^^
My second attempt to do this Strawberry Swiss Roll. Whole strawberries were roll in a piece of sponge cake. This is a marble sponge cake, the marble effect, red yeast rice powder is added.

 ~my second attempted swiss roll "strawberry swiss roll....^o^ "~

Ingredient for the cake:

35g butter ~ melted

5 egg yolks
25g castor sugar

4 egg whites
75g castor sugar

50g plain flour

1 tsp red yeast rice powder


150g whipping cream ~ Whipped
20g castor sugar

some whole strawberries

To do:
1) Greased and lined the baking tray. Preheated oven at 190c. Melted the butter, set aside. (do not over heat the butter)
2) Whisk the yolks and sugar over double-boiling water until the yolks is it pale yellow colour. Set aside.
3) Whisk egg whites until it is soft peak form. (by adding sugar a little at a time while whisking the whites)
4) Fold the beaten egg whites into egg yolks batter. (divide into 3 times to fold in, do not over mix)
5) Lastly fold in the melted butter then 1 tsp of the red yeast rice powder. (do not over mix or you will not get the marble effect of the red yeast rice powder)

~cake is cooling on the wire rack after baking for 12minutes~

6) Bake in oven for 12 minutes.

~arrange the strawberries on top.....^^  ~

~ready to roll.....~

7) Let the cake cool, spread whipped cream on the cake and arrange strawberries on and roll it up. Let the cake set in the fridge for at least 30-60minutes.

~strawberry roll....:p can't wait to taste it...forgotten to take picture of the whole roll ...~


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