July 27, 2011

来个改变..黑土司~Let's make a change Black Toast Bread...

Have been using gelatinized dough to make my bread recently. Love it because it gives the softness and the spongey feel when eating it. The softness last for days and I do not add any softener or other additives or preservative.
Today, I am thinking of making bread toast , when I search in my fridge, then only I realised no more gelatinized dough left. Out of stock and we are running out of bread. No choice I use another recipe to do my special toast bread  ..hahaha...Black Toast Bread.

~this is the slices of Black Toast Bread~
This is a White Toast Bread recipe from this Taiwan recipes book translate as "Easy method to make home made bread" 
Instead of White Toast Bread I change it to Black Toast Bread by adding bamboo charcoal powder. This recipe really works well and taste great.

Black Toast Bread~


240g water
50g egg
35g castor sugar
10g salt

500g bread flour
1 1/2 tsp bamboo charcoal powder

10g instant yeast
35g butter

**I am using Noxxa breadmaker. If you are using a breadmaker that will be great, it simple and easy.

**my loaf o toast bread pan with lid the size is 20.5cm long x 11cm width x 11.5cm height

To do:
 1) Pour water, sugar, salt and egg, all this have to put in the bread pan first.

2) Add in bread flour,  bamboo charcoal powder, butter~put on four corner of the flour and pour yeast on top, in the middle of flour.

3) Press mix, knead and first proofing mode..mode 11 for noxxa. If you are using other brand just use the mix n knead mode.

4) After first proofing for 30 minutes, the dough is soft and spongey. You may have the dough weight about 890-900gm. Divide the dough into 3 portion of 300gm and shape it round. Let dough sit for 10 minutes before roll.

~5)Roll the dough flat like this picture, repeat the same to the other dough~

~6) Roll back tightly into a swiss roll and place into the greased toast bread pan~

~put the rolled swiss rolls into the toast bread pan side by side like this~

~7) Let this rolled dough proof for second time for 55 minutes. Cover it with a clean cloth. After 55 minutes it may filled up the toast bread pan about 80% full. If it does not fill up till 80% you may delay another 15 to 20 minutes till it reaches 80%. This is to make sure when we bake the toast bread it will fill up the whole toast bread pan. We need to cover up with the lid of the toast bread pan before baking.

8) Bake in a preheated oven at 190c for 35minutes on low rack.

 ~ this is Black Toast Bread .... Hot Hot HOT from the oven~

9) After the toast bread is baked, remove from oven, unmould to cool on cooling rack. Slice when the toast bread is cooled.

~slice with a serrated knife to get neat and nice toast bread~

~the recipe produce soft and spongey toast bread~

~My boys love this toast bread...they like to spread peanut butter on the slice~

**Peanut butter spread goes great with the bamboo charcoal toast bread...they compeliment each other...taste great..^^

**As for the left over 300g dough, you can make it into a mini plain loaf. Just roll in into a swiss roll and put into a greased mini loaf pan.The size of my mini toast bread pan is 14cm long x 9cm width x 6cm height. Rise for 45 minutes and bake in a preheated oven 180c for 22 minutes.


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