July 22, 2011

Cotton Light cheesecake ~ For my wedding anniversary....:)

This year my wedding anniversary is a special event...Event for pui family. We arrange for a outing for us and our kids. We are had a great stay and a great time with the kids. We also enjoy having each other in this event....:)

~heart shape CottON LIghT CHeeSEcaKE~

~my boys want to add on this tag for us..Happy Anniversary...~

This is the recipe:

Cotton Light Cheesecake

Ingredients (A):
160g cream cheese
60g milk
30g butter
30g corn flour
10g lemon juice
4egg yolks

Ingredient (B):
100g castor sugar
2g salt
4 egg whites

To do:
1) Preheat oven at 150c. Greased and lined a 7 inches round cake tin.
2) Mix cream cheese, milk and butter together, double boil until just melted. Let this cool a little before adding in yolks.
3) Mix in egg yolks to combine and add in corn flour. Set aside.
4) In a clean bowl whisk egg white until it is foamy, adding sugar a little at a time beating until it is soft peak form.
5) Fold yolk batter into (4), do not overmix.
6) Pour mixed batter into the prepared cake tin. Bake cake in water bath
for 55 minutes.
7) Invert the cake once it is out from the oven.

~wana have a piece?....its really light and yummy...:)~

I made this cake again on Father's Day for my Seanan godpa. He is a caring and lovely godpa.

                                   ~This is a 6inches baked light cheesecake or cotton light cheesecake~

~ I decorate it will whipping cream and strawberry and lined the side a piece of deco paper~

**If you are using a 6 inches baking tray, you can make 3 with this recipe. It will be a bit thin but nice...^^

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