June 14, 2011

Tea time 18 ~ Spiral Curry Puff from Petaling Street..茨厰街的curry pap

My sister is getting 'HOT' to do bakes as well recently. She bought a book from Popular book store about yummy food from Petaling Street. After reading it, she decided to do this Spiral Curry Puff.
~ Spiral Curry Puff ~

Ingredients for water dough:
300g plain flour
120g margarine
150ml ice water

Ingredietns for oil dough:
200g plain flour
120g shortening
1/2 tsp salt

100g chicken fillet (cubed)
1 no (50g) big onion (cubed)
300g sweet potatoes
2 tbsp curry paste
1 bowl (250ml) water

                                                      ~ yummy curry filling ~

1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp sugar

To make filling:
1) Peel the potatoes and cubed, deep fry in hot oil for a while, remove and ready to use.
2) Leave 2 tbsp oil in hot wok saute onion over low heat until fragrant, add chicken cubes, stir well. Add potatoes, curry paste, water and seasoning, simmer for a while until the gravy is absorted. Remove leave to cool and ready to use.

To make wrapper:
1) Mix dough ingredients, knead into dough, then cover with kitchen towel and rest for 10 minutes.
2) Combine oil dough ingredients, knead well into dough.
3) Wrap oil dough with water dough, press lightly to slightly flatten the dough. Next roll out into a rectangle, roll up dough as swiss roll(repeat again) 
Rest dough for 10 minutes.

~ this is the slices of dough that have been cut into 1cm thick ~

4) Slice dough into 1cm thick evenly, flatten lightly and roll out into round thinly slices, wrap with some curry filling, form into spiral shapes.

~ This curry puff is ready to fry ~

~it is sizziling in the wok~

5) Deep-fry the spiral curry puffs in warm oil until golden in colour and cooked. Dish out, drained. Serve.

**I like the flaky skin of this curry puff, it's crispy and the taste is just nice with the sweetness of the potatoe starch taste.


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