June 04, 2011

A cake that I brought to a friend's house warming ~ Strawberry cheeseCake *好友新居入伙做了个~草苺乳酪蛋糕~送給他们.

 A Home sweet home wishes for Peter and Lena for their house warming today. They have been in this lovely home for a while until today we are invited for their house warming. A really stylish,cosy and warm feeling when we enter their home. A two storey semi detach house.

                                 ~ Strawberry Chilled Cheesecake~

To make it more merrier I brought a Strawberry Chilled Cheesecake along. I bought fresh strawberries from a friend HB. She fly them from US, she is also selling fruits (strawberries included) and mashmallow with chocolate fondue. Thanks to her for selling me this strawberries at a very special (friendly price) ^o^ ...

~Fresh strawberries..smell and look soo...nice~

Ingredient for the biscuit base:
110g butter ~ melted
200g digestive bisuits (I use tiger biskuat from Kraft)
2 tbsp firmly packed brown sugar
50g cornflakes ( I use toasted almond flakes)
60g melted dark cooking chocolate + 2 tbsp milk
1 pc of sponge cake same size as the baking tray.
(please refer to the recipe here for sponge cake: 
To do:
1) Crush biscuits into fine bread crumbs, mix in brown sugar and toasted almond together and mix in melted butter to combine.
2) Press this biscuits mixer into a 8"x8" round loose bottom pan, firmly.
(I am using a square tray. I lay a piece of aluminium foil on the bottom of the tray, leaving about 1 1/2' of the foil over hang the side of the tray for easy removing later.)
3) Melt cooking chocolate and add in milk, sitr well. Pour onto the ready prepared biscuits base and spread evenly.
4) Lay the ready sponge cake on top of the cooking chocolate. Put in fridge to set while preparing for the cheese filling.

Strawberry cheese filling ingredients:
500g cream cheese
140g castor sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 1/2 tbsp + 1 tsp gelatine powder dissolve in 100ml water
( I double-boil it to have a smooth texture)
300g strawberry puree
8 strawberries for garnishing at the side of the cake
400ml thicken cream

      ~Halves the strawberries and arrange it at the side of the tray before spooning in the cheese filling ~

To do:
1) Cream the cream cheese until smooth. Beat in castor sugar, lemon juice and gelatine mixture until just combine.
2) Add in strawberry puree blend to combine. Lastly stir in thicken cream and mix well.
3) Carefully spoon the cheese mixture into the prepare biscuits base.
4) Cover with cling foil and put into fridge at least 6 hours.

~ This is the cut pieces...you can see the biscuit layer, the cooking chocolate layer, the sponge cake layer and lastly the strawberry cheese layer.~

**You can prepared the sponge cake a day ahead. For the extra sponge cake you can store in a air tight container and keep in the freezer for later use. It can be kept for a month.



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