May 29, 2011

Cupcakes ~可爱的小蛋糕....^^

                   ~These are the cupcakes freshly baked from the oven~

Little cupcakes are really cute and easy to handle. Either is making it or icing it or EAting it... :) I have the feeling of doing it when my Shawn turn 5 years old and I am making the cupcakes for his birthday party in tadika. I make more than a hundred for him to bring to his tadika.  

2 grade 'A' eggs
125g unsalted butter
100-125g castor sugar
125g self raising flour
2-3 tbsp fresh milk

 To do:
1)Preheated oven at 200c and prepare 13 medium size papercups. Cream butter and sugar until it is pale.
2) Add in egg one at a time until well combine.
3) Add in self raising flour with milk and mix well.

                              ~Fill in the cupcakes only 3/4 full.~

                               ~Cupcakes is baking in the oven~

4) Fill batter into papercups. Fill in only 3/4 full.
5) Bake in the preheated oven for 18-20 minutes
Cool the cupcakes before frosting or icing them.

**You can use butter icing or non dairy whipping cream to frost the cupcakes.
   You can also use m & m's chocolate or sugargum paste or fondant to decorate the cupcakes.


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