October 09, 2009

A special dessert I brought to a party

I guess everyone likes jelly dessert. This one is also a Jelly dessert but ;p is in a special shape. My family were invited by AK to her daughter 1st birthday, I like to make something special for her so I made this Egg Jellies.

Egg Jellies

I have to save the empty real egg shells to do this egg jellies..:p The shells need to be washed and dried before re-use. It have to be clean properly...

This is the whole egg jelly, if cut it into cross section you can see there is a jelly yolk inside. But too bad this is all for the party so I can't cut..

Ingredients for the jelly yolks:
Approx: makes about 22-24 jellies

70g sugar
1/4tsp salt
4 tsps agar-agar powder
4 pandan leaves knotted
600ml water
few drops of orange colouring
300ml low fat milk/coconut milk
1 tbsp corn flour
a 6' x 6' tray

1) Mix sugar. salt, agar-agar powder stir to mix well. Add in pandan and water. Cook over low heat and keep stiring.

2) Once mixture boiled, add in low fat milk/coconut milk (which is first mix with the corn flour) , boil again and quickly turn off heat once it is reboiled.

3) Pour mixture into the prepared tray. Put aside to let it set. When it is set you may scoop it into a small round yolks with a fruit scooper.

Ingredients for the jelly egg whites:

120g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
3tbsp agar-agar powder
4 pandan leaves knotted
500ml water
300ml low fat milk/coconut milk
1 tbsp condense milk
100ml evaporated milk

**Prepared the egg shells in advance. Use the egg cardboard holder to hold the egg shells.

1) Mix sugar, salt, agar-agar powder, pandan leaves into water and bring to boil on low heat.

2) When it is boiled, pour in low fat milk/coconut milk, condense milk, evaporated milk continue stiring with a hand whisk until bubble appear and quickly bring of the heat.

3) Use a spoon to pour this agar-agar mixture into the prepared egg shells, (half full) into all the egg shells. Wait until it is half set and put in the scooped orange yolks into every shells.

4) Lastly pour this remainding agar-agar mixture onto the top of the orange yolks to cover it. You may fill up the whole shells.

5) Put aside and let it set before keeping it into the fridge. Only crack the shells and take out the jellies when you wanted to serve it.


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  1. hi dear, so sorry i baru buka yr blog after 3 mths the party was over..haha
    YES! thumbs up for doreen egg jelly.. it was so nice and yummy..
    thank you so much for yr hard work doing this special jellies esp during yr late pregnancy lagi that time..appreciate it..* hugs hugs *.. AK


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