August 16, 2009

Teatime 5 ~ Mexico Cuppies

Like always we have tea in the afternoon around 3.00-4.30pm. Today we are having Raisin Mexico Cuppies. They look cute, special and ......yum. Don't belive
then you must try it... ^^

I have tried a few recipes and I found this is easier and is very tasty. The bun texture is soft, chewy and the raisin give it a natural sweetness, you can chew a bit of the raisin too and... and the mexico crust (topping) give it a crispy chewy feeling.

Shawn loves the crust very much. I make the crust (topping) with a mocha paste, those who loves coffee you will loves these.

Basic dough for the buns:

300ml water
40g castor sugar
1/2tsp salt
500g bread flour
2 tbsp milk powder
40g butter
45g raisin
2 tsp instant yeast

Ingredients for mexico topping:

100g butter
100g castor sugar
1 'A' egg
100g plain flour
11/2 tsp mocha paste


you can use my own mix and match mocha paste, try it.
3 tbsps cocoa powder
2 tbps warm water
2 tbsps coffee essence
1 tbsp coffee granules
(after mixing, only use 1 tbsp of the mocha paste and keep the rest in fridge for later use)

Method for the topping:

1) Beat butter and sugar with a mixer until well blend. Add in egg mix well, add in flour and blend to combine. Lastly add in the mocha paste and mix well in a paste.

2) Fill this paste in a piping bag and set aside for later use.

Method for the basic dough:

1) Again I am using my Noxxa Breadmaker machine. I put all the above ingredients into my bread pan and use Mode 11.

2) After that I take out the dough and divide 50g eaches for every small buns.
Just roll every buns into a round ball. Put them into a paper cup (like the one you see in my pictures).

3) Cover them with a piece of cloth and let it sit to rise for 30-40 minutes or double its size.

4) Pipe the mexico topping on top of the buns. Doing circle motion by starting from the middle of the bun, slowly going outwards. Do not pipe to much, just a thin layer will be just nice.

5) Preheated oven at 195℃ bake the buns for 22-25 minutes.


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