May 10, 2009

Shawn n Samson ~ Mother's day gift

Happy Mother's Day.....One of my friend asked me "What is your Mother's Day gift?" I said "Nothing.." kind of sad...right... :(
But...wait I forgotten my dear Shawn and Samson did gave me gifts. Share with you what did Shawn and Samson gave me.

This is a my Mother's Day gift from Shawn in year 2008. That was the first year he went to Tadika Faith Montenssori. Their tadika teacher teaches them to make these cute and lovely 'mummy sheep and baby sheep' so......sweet. They arranged when I go to picked Shawn from tadika, Shawn will give me the Sheeps and sing to me. The song is like this

Mummy mummy I love you
You know that I really do
I know that you love me too
So I sing for you.
Oh....... :) can you feel that sweet and touching moment I had. That was my first gift from Shawn my son.
^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

This year 2009 Sam went to tadika with Shawn so I have two gifts this year. This year I have two hand made photo frame with Shawn and me and Samson and me ^^.

"This is my mummy and me."

"See! Its my mummy and me."

"Hehe...Do you like it.."

I will show this to Samson next year.

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

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  1. haha i guess that fren who asked u that sensitive q was me ya, haha but anyway, when i asked u that q, actually i was expecting u to say,ya shawn and samson gaf me some gifts coz i know,when our kids go to kindi,the teacher do teach our kids to do some handy craft for mother's day, fathers day etc..keke..and so here are the blog that u DO haf gifts fr yr 2 precious diamonds..A.K


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