May 18, 2009

Looking back for the San Francisco taste..

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, my first taste of this cake is in San Francisco Cafe.
Our third honeymoon is in San Francisco too but is in CA not in cafe haha.....
We love this triple chocolate cheesecake, it is a chilled cheesecake with three layer which is white chocolate, milk chocolate last was dark chocolate and a sweet biscuit crumbs crust at the bottom.
My hubby misses the taste of this triple chocolate cheesecake, so I decided to make it. I made two cakes one is for hubby and one is for Shawn and Sams' teachers. 16 May is a Teacher's Day.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake


200g sweet biscuit crumbs
85g melted butter

2 x 250g philadephia cream cheese,
softened at room temperature
3 teaspoons gelatine powder,
dissolve in 1/2 cup boiling water
3/4 cup castor sugar

40g toblerone white chocolate, melted
40g toblerone milk chocolate, melted
40g toblerone dark chocolate, melted

1/2 cup whipping cream/double cream

1) Mix crumbs and melted butter, press into the base of a 20cm spring foam pan. Chilled.

I press the crumbs onto the side of the pan as well. It gives more bite of the sweet biscuit crumbs.

2) Beat cream cheese until smooth. Beat in castor sugar, gelatine mixture and cream blend until smooth.

3) Divide the cheese mixutre into 3 portions.

Mix first part with melted dark chocolate and pour on the chilled base. Let it chilled in freezer for 3-4 minutes. Mix second part with melted milk chocolate and pour onto the dark chocolate layer and chilled again for 3-4 minutes. Lastly the final part mix with the melted white chocolate and pour onto the milk chocolate layer and chill in fridge (2~3 hours or overnight).

Garnish with chocolate shavings and strawberry.

Note: *I use Kiwi and papaya to garnish instead strawberry or you can use whatever fruits you have on hand.

**I used Kraft's 'Tiger Biskuat' Biscuit for the biscuit base crumbs.

This is the look of the chocolate layers.



  1. hey sis, that day u mentioned the biscuit crumbs u used tiger biscuit aka tiger susu ka? or tiger marie biscuit?
    this cake makes me drool la...

  2. yummy, so niceeee... minta 1 piece.. :)

  3. hi sis, use the tiger biskuat, it gives you that really nice smell and taste. Try that.

  4. ei yeee ... so nice oh !! thanks for posting this :)))))


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