May 13, 2009

Another chilled cake..^^

Misses cheeseCake...Shawn asking for more after mother's day....So I decided to make this another chilled leMon cheeseCake. I do not need to bake, all I need is to chill..chill..chill..and chilled it in the fridge 2~3 hours or just leave it in the fridge overnight.....^^

Crumbs Crust:
240g sweet biscuits
(I use Tiger biscuits here too)
120-150g melted butter

3 1/2 tbsp gelatine powder, mixed
with 250ml boiling water

1/2 tbsp lemon rind
60ml lemon juice

1 tin (12 oz) evaporated milk,
well-chilled to half frozen~to be able to whisk into double bulk

240g cream cheese
180g castor sugar
1 tsp vanilla

1) Mix crumbs with melted butter and pressed onto a 22cm spring form tin. Chilled.

2) Whisk evaporated milk until it is double in bulk. Set aside.
3) Beat cream cheese until soft and smooth, beat in castor sugar and vanilla.

4) Fold in evaporated milk, lemon juice and gelatine mixture.

5) Pour into chilled crumbs and chill overnight and serve.

*I used a square 9" cake tin to make this cake. I lined the cake tin with a piece of aluminium foil and over hang (extra foil at the side) for easy removal of cake from tin after chilled.
*Recipe is from "Baking Made Easy"

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  1. evaporated milk=是淡奶还是炼奶?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. 可以请教你吗?这款我刚做过一个,但是味道还不错,但是最大的问题就是很湿湿的。放冰箱隔夜还是不会很干,就绵绵的。不懂问题在哪里,但是我根据网上的resepi是用来炼奶。


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