April 20, 2009

DIY your own dessert....

Need a dessert after dinner?..Try this your family will love it. It is easy, delicious and healthy though...
One thing this one is presentable if you are having some guests coming over for dinner.....^^
This is quick and easy.

Use a nice and fancy see through glass...a small size will do.................

This is the top view 'two lovely hearts...Isn't that lovely...^^

Boysenberry Yogurt Dessert
2 tubs of plain yogurt
10 pcs of digestive biscuits
some boysenberry jam/syrup

1) Put the digestive biscuits into a zip bag and crush it with a rolling
pin until it is fine.

2) Scoop 2 tablespoon of yogurt into a clear glass. Tap the glass a
little to make sure the yogurt is lay nicely.

3) Sprinkle a tablespoon of crushed digestive biscuits onto the
yogurt layer and top with a tablespoon of boysenberry syrup.

4) Repeat from the yogurt layer again until it reached the top. The last
layer always finish with the yogurt so that you can do decoration.

** You can put more yogurt if you like, then you will have thicker layer.
You can use chopped peaches or kiwi or even strawberry instead of
the boysenberry syrup that I used.

^^... This is how you do the top decoration, drop two drops of boysenberry syrup on the top layer and use a
skewer to draw a 'C' from the middle of each droplet.
You will get a heart shape with that stroke.


  1. where can we get the boysenberry syrup?

  2. Hi, you can get it from Boulevard Hypermarket. Its a Knott's brand product, it is located at the cold drinks and fruit juices area and comes in a glass bottle and they have other flavour too.Hope you can find it....^^


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