March 25, 2009

A Quick Lunch

This is a quick lunch we used to have once a while when we are out of idea what to eat for lunch. Anywhere is nice and the kids loves it. Sometimes I will make this for out Potluck get together too. It's quick and easy to prepared.

Shh...Actually this is my hubby's Hakka style fried noodles. He is the cook for this fried noodles.

Hakka Style Fried Noodles


4 small pkts of MiKo-Song
(this brand name of the noodle, you can find it in any supermarket,
we found the texture of this noodles is chewy and smooth)
1 medium carrot ~ cut into very thin strips

2/3 sprig of leeks
(Chopped the leek head fine, and slice the rest of the leeks)

1 tsp chopped garlic
3 eggs
4-5 dried mushrooms ~ soaked and slice
some bean sprout ~ about a big hand full, washed and remove the tails
1/2 sweet cabbage ~ slice into strips

2 tbsp dried shrimp ~ wash and chopped finely
Some light soya sauce and salt to taste


1) Blanch the noodles until it is tender and drain for later use.
Add a little oil and mix well so it would stick together.

2) Add a little oil into the wok saute the chopped leek head till it is fragrant.
Add in chopped dry shrimp, (stir fried his you may need a little bit more oil
so that the dry shrimp will give a crunch, crispy bite.

3) Later add in the rest of the leeks and carrot strips and saute for 1-2 minutes.
Add in some salt to taste and mix well. Lastly add in bean sprouts,
turn to a high flame and give it a quick stir. Dish up and side aside.

4) Pour some more oil in the wok to saute chopped garlic, add in
mushroom saute again. Push the mushroom to the side of the wok and
pour the eggs into the wok, turn to high flame, add in noodles and stir in
mushroom and the rest of the saute ingredients. Mix and stir well
with the light soya sauce. Serve hot.


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