February 07, 2009

Non-bake CheeseCake

I love this cake, is easy and simple to make. I got this recipe from a distributor of mine, she is a housewife and she love to cook and bake. I went to her house for visiting few years back she served me this cake. Just one bite simon and me love it. ^^

Fantasy CheeseCake
2 packet of plain Marie biscuits
2 cans of Nestle reduce cream
8 tbsp of condense milk
300g cream cheese
8tbsp of condense milk
some chopped peaches
some shredded cheddar cheese
1) Mix ingredients (B) together till combine. Set aside.
2) Beat (C)~cream cheese till smooth, add in condense milk and beat till smooth. Add in (D)mix well. Divide into 3 portions. Set aside.
3) Use a 9" x 9" square cake tin. Lined with grease proof paper or aluminiun foil by over hanging the paper at the side of the cake tin. (this will help you easier to take the cake out from cake tin later or you can use a loose bottom square cake tin).
4) Dip a piece of Marie biscuit into the nestle reduce cream mixture and arrange onto the prepared cake tin. Dip and arrange the rest of the Marie biscuits till the first layer is covered.
Repeat doing it till you reach the 3rd layer then apply a layer of cream cheese layer. Do spread the cheese cream out evenly and smoothly. Repeat the steps till all the nestle reduce cream and cream cheese is used up.
5) Lastly, sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top of the finally layer of the cheesecake. That will be the cream cheese layer.
6)Chilled in fridge at least for 12 hours. Serve.

Note: You can do this cake a day ahead. The Marie biscuits will be even more moist.

**I used Ping Pong Brand Marie biscuits.

For a swtich:

Use a packet of coffee flavour Marie biscuits instead. It will look like this:

** If you are doing the coffee and plain Marie biscuits layers, the peaches may be omitted.



  1. Mui mui, i love yr blog and tried some of yr recipes, my kids loved them so much, thanks a lot! I want to try this too, may i know what can i use other than nestle reduced cream?

    Sun sun

    1. Hi sun sun,
      Thank you so much for loving my blog. It a pleasure to share my favourites too.
      You can use all purpose cream or nestle cream to replace the reduce cream.

      Please refer to the link below for the picture.

      Hope this does help.


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