February 02, 2009

Frozen Fruits Salad~freezee....

Hai, hai, Its chinese new year again, visiting is always comes with good food and yummy food. Shawn's teachers is coming for visiting on the 6th day of chinese new year. I prepared some food and I wanted to make sometime specially for them. I tried this 'Frozen fruits salad' and it turn out to be so awesome :) everyone like it very much..

Frozen Fruits Salad

2 cans mix fruits cooktail
2 cans yellow cling peaches
1 medium size apple ~ cubed
1 tsp of lemon juice
220g cream cheese
500ml whipping cream/double creme
300ml condense milk
8 maschino cherries(optional)

1) Drain the syrup out from the mix fruits cooktail and peaches. Set aside for later use.
2) Cut apple into cubed and sprinkle the lemon juice onto the cubed apple. Mix together with the fruits cooktail.
3) Whisk cream cheese until it is smooth add in condense milk mix to combine. Beat in whipping cream/double creme until it is well incorporated.
4) Pour the cream cheese mixture onto the fruits cooktail and stir well so that the fruits will be coated with cream cheese mixture. Add in the cherries too.
5) Put into freezer for 12 hours. Take out this frozen fruits salad half an hour ahead and leave it in the fridge chill area before you serve.

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