January 03, 2009

~Samson's 2nd Birthday~

This is about my xiao bao bei Samson.

He was born on 3rd of January 2007.
Simon and I headed for the hospital at 3.00am, I was sent to the labour ward immediately. At 6.00am Samson was born.


New born ~ Samson Pui

New born Samson is 3.05kg

Samson is 8 months old. This is taken when he is learning to stand for the 1st time.

I'm 11 months old.

03rd of January 2008, its my 1st Birthday.

"Yes, its my birthday

My dearest koko Shawn

Shawn my koko is having fun, taking pictures.

**Arrival of inAlign Centervited guests. ^^

This is uncle peter and aunty lena.

"Hahaha! Say yi, I like your gift...."

"Introducing my godma angie and my god che che ash"

Hei! Ah Yan yiyi

Hai hai my drumstick is really yummy......

~My family~

My daddy and Me...

See, that handsome guy looking at the camera........... that's my godpa Alan

Oh! my sock is too small mummy...

Group Photo after my birthday dinner

My daddy, mummy, koko and me...

~2009 Jan 3rd Samson 2nd birthday~

My mummy and Me...hehe

This is my dearest PoPo..

My koko and my daddy...

Sam's 2nd Birthday cake

See my fingers! I am showing you, I'm 2 years old.

My bak bak Peter, he is helping me to blow the candles.

I am blowing my birthday candles......eh....got fireworks ^^

My daddy~Simon Pui n family in year 2009..^^

"It a pity that this year god pa, god ma and god che che can't come because they have a new family member, that is my god mei mei. My god mei mei is only 6 months old so is a bit difficult for god ma to bring her along so they can't come :( My dearest uncle peter and aunty lena also can't come...." by Sam. Anyway he is having a good time on his birthday. When I ask him "弟弟,你开心吗?" He answer me "Happy....开心...mummy". Since then he sometimes, will also ask me "mummy 你开心?" o "Are you ok?" when he sees I am not in a good mood. Haha! see kids really learn fast.

~Happy Birthday~ dear son, daddy, mummy n koko loves you..^^


  1. Hi Mui Mui, just remember to come to your blog to view the birthday cake that you baked for your son! Looks like he enjoyed the party very much! Your cake looks ok mah! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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