January 19, 2009

2009 OX Year ~ This year's cookies ^^

Happy Niu Year 2009
~Bumbble bee cookies~
~Cactus Cookies~

~London chocolate hazelnut cookies~

~Strawberry tart~

It is so excited, it Chinese New Year time, fun time and it time to make cookies. It would not feel like chinese new year if I don't make cookies or cakes myself. Ha..ha....

~ Traditional Butter Cookies~

This is the switch up version, haha... my shawn named it ~Bumble Bee face~ (The movie Transformer, Bumble Bee)

2nd cookie I made it is........~Crystal Snow Ball~

3rd cookie I made it is......

~Snow White cookies~
my version I used a rabbit cookie cutter to cut out the cookie so I named it......
~snow white rabbit cookie~ ^^
These cookies are really yummy. It gives the fluffy  and crunchy texture. Once you start to munch, the fragrance of the almond filled up your mouth  yummmm..... it really awesome. ^^ .. ^^


( A )
180g crisco/shortening
90g icing sugar

( B )
150g almond nibs ~ toasted
140g corn flour
280g plain flour
1/2tsp bicarbonate soda

1) Cream ( A ) until light and fluffy.

2) Add in ( B ) slowly, and mix well into a soft dough.

3) Roll out the dough between two sheets of plastic into 1cm thick. Cut into desired shapes. Place onto a baking tray.

4) Preheated oven at 150c. Bake these cookies for 20-25 minutes. Remove and leave to cool. Store in an air tight container.

This recipe is adapted from Yum Yum magazine.

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