December 10, 2008

A New Apporach For Me ~^^~

Hi there, I am new in the neighbour hood. I was inspired by my sister who is a blogger. So here I am. haha! Hope to learn and grow here. ^^

My son Shawn was introduced to ice cream when my sister in law and family came visiting from Ireland. My brother in law Enda(his is an Irish) would bought Shawn and his 2 lovely kids(Emier 15 and Colm 10) ice cream when ever they go shopping.So Shawn was use to eating ice-cream when go shopping. When they left, back to Ireland Shawn is stick to that habit. To stop this habit i promise him that I will make our own ice-cream and we will have it at home. I tried this, Strawberry Ice-Cream

It turn out to be yummylicious ~香,滑,可口,你试试看!~

Ingredients for the ice cream:

3 egg yolks
30g castor sugar
100ml dairy whipping cream
130g strawberry yogurt
(c) 200ml whipping creme
I found it is simple and easy to make this. Firstly mix all the (a) ingredients till combine in a stainless steel bowl. Double boil it until it is thicken. Set aside to cool. If you find double boil is troublesome try using microwave oven. Use a heat proof glass bowl, uses power level 30 and cook for 2-3 minutes or till it is thicken. Stiring every 1 minutes.
2) While for the mixture to cool down, whisk the whipping cream till it form a soft peak. Make sure the whipping cream is really cold then it easier to whisk.
3) Add strawberry yogurt into the cold mixture (a) stir well to combine. Fold in whipped cream and pour into a container. Put into freezer to set. Take out in advance and leave it in the low deck of the fridge 30 minutes ahead before serve.


This is the swtich up. I add finger biscuits and grind peanuts.

Now Shawn only have ice cream from home. We have several flavour now, not only strawberry..... ^^
**Notes: You can replace 100ml dairy whipping cream with 100ml full cream milk/fresh milk if will be lighter to taste.

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