December 10, 2008

Advent Month ~ a Joyful Month

Its holiday time, everyone is busy, busy, busy even my good friend L is going for holiday on the 18/12. Happy Holiday L..

Shawn's christmas tree

Its ADVENT month, time to be JOY. A dear friend of mine A, told me about this. December is a month is time for US RC to WAIT(EXPECTATION), JOY, HOPE, ACCEPTANCE.

*WAIT ~ When we expect something to happen we wait for it to happen. We are waiting Christ to come to us at Christmas.

*JOY ~ Jesus fills our life with many good gifts. Let us try to find JOY in a simple things in life~

*HOPE ~ We are still waiting for the preparing for Jesus' coming. We hope to make Jesus a part of our lives, not just at Christmas but all year long. We can prepare ourselves through prayer. Prayer opens our hearts to let God, love, faith in, and lets out our hate and fear.

*ACCEPTANCE ~ How can we beat light the candle of acceptance? First of all in our own hearts, Let us each remember that God's gift of love is a personal gift for each one. No one else can receive the gift for you. No one else can experience for you the acceptance and gratitude for this wonderful gift. Light a candle of acceptance in your own hearts.

(* I copy these from "The Advent Wreath-prayer guide" a book from a dear friend A) ~Thank you A~

Shawn is looking forward to go to church every sunday. He is very excited that Christmas is coming and he is looking forward to unwrap his gifts....haha. One thing I am happy about is that he told me Christmas is Jesus's birthday, he have to be nice and good. Haha..what can I expect for a 3 year old, bao bei.

~ Shawn count down corner ~

Everyday Shawn would mark a cross on his calender, looking forward for Christmas. He also will ask "Daddy, can I open my present today?" Haha! how cute... ^^...

Shawn and Samson were posing for picture. They are getting ready to go to Shawn's Montessori Year End Party.

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  1. beautiful tree,match yr back curtain lagi..:)


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