December 01, 2011

The switch up Colourful Tapioca Kueh with sago...加了沙谷米的彩虹木署糕....:)

After making the Easy Tapioca Kueh. There is still some left over... shredded tapioca in the fridge. I was thinking want to make easy tapioca kueh again BUT think back, I should try the switch up version. It is the one that add in some sago, named Colourful Tapioca Kueh.
做了简易木薯糕, 还有一些,刨好的木薯在冰箱. 想再做简易木薯糕, 不过, 想了想, 还是试试有沙谷米的彩虹木薯糕.
~Step by steps ... 一步一步~

~Cooked sago...沙谷米煮好了~

~Lay a piece of banana leaf on the steaming pan and brush on some oil...
在蒸盘里铺上一片香焦叶, 再刷上食油.

900克 木薯~~去皮再刨丝,备用
300克 糖
600克 浓叶浆
100克 沙谷米~~水盖过沙谷米,浸泡1个小时
3大匙 木薯粉

Colourful sago tapioca kueh
900g tapioca - peeled and shredded 
300g castor sugar
3 tsbp tapioca flour
600ml thick coconut milk
100g sago

1) 把刨丝的木薯汁挤掉.
2) 煮滚适量的水放入沙谷米煮至熟或透明,盛起以清水冲洗干净後, 沥干备用.
3) 将沙谷米加入木署丝, 椰浆及其他材料一起拌均匀.

 ~Divide into 3 parts and add colour....分三份再各自加上颜色~

~First layer add in pink mixture...第一层倒分红糊~
~second layer is the green mixture...第二层是青班兰味糊~
~Last layer is plain ... 最後是原味糊铺平~

4) 把 混合物分成三份, 每份随意加一种颜色拌匀, 先把原味倒入蒸盘铺平, 蒸20分钟,  再倒入第二层铺平後,再蒸20分钟,最後一层铺平再蒸20分钟即可. 取出待冷, 就可以切了也可以切块沾上椰丝供食.

~沾上椰丝的沙谷木薯糕...Dessicated Coconut is added to Sago Tapioca Kueh~

To do:
1) Squeeze out the shredded tapioca moisture.
2) Soak sago for 1 hour. Bring adequate amount of water to boil, pour in soaked sago and cook throughly or until transparent. (leave the pot of boiling water from stove then pour the soaked sago in and stir till cooked or transparent) Dish up and drain well.
3) Combine cooked sago with the shredded tapioca, coconut milk and remaining ingredients, mix well.
4) Divide mixture into 3 portions. Add in colouring  for each portion, as desired. Spread first portion into steaming tray, level the surface and steam every layer for 20 minutes till done. When cool slice and serve...You may slice and serve with dessicate coconut.

~Serve plain is just as nice...不放椰丝也很美味~

**我没一层一蒸,  我是一层一层铺平後,一次过蒸25分钟. 我只做一半的食谱.
**I did not steam every layer. Instead I lay every layer of tapioca neatly and steamed once for 25 minutes. I only make half of this recipe.

**Recipe is from a book named Kuih Muih Delight volume 2, published by Famous Cuisine cook by Bee Sim.
**食谱来自'驰名糕点" 名食谱出版社, 曾美心老师示范.



  1. 很美很美~~
    我这里可以买到小粒状而且是青色的sago 米,不知能用吗?

  2. Kate,因该没问题,可以用的. Sago米多数是小粒吧...^^


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