December 11, 2011

金龟糕..又来咯~...Here comes the Golden Ang Koo kueh again.

This is a revisit of my previous 'Pumpkin Angkoo'. This time I am using a wooden mould.'这是旧地重游的'金龟糕'这次用了新的木红龟糕模。
每每看到超市有新鲜的南瓜上市就会买回家. 买时也还没想要拿来做什么,就买了.  我喜欢南瓜, 天然的甜味和他哪黄金般的天然色彩...好美.
其实, 南瓜的抗养化力很强, 收在干凉的地方都可以收上1-2个星期. 如果切开了, 把皮及种子去干净, 切块放进保鲜盒也可以收在冰箱3-5天. 当然,  如果一整个 一次用的完就不用收藏了, 但是南瓜通常会,比较大,都会用不完噢...:)

~把绿豆馅料搓成丸,备用..Rolled the cooked mung bean paste filling into balls and set aside~

~把馅包入皮内..Wrapped the mung bean paste filling into the skin~

~The knocked out Golden angkoo kueh...敲出来咯..美吧?

Ingredients for skin...皮料:
200g glutinous rice flour...糯米粉
2 tbsp oil...大匙食油
100g steamed pumpkin...蒸熟的南瓜
1 tbsp sugar...大匙糖
100ml thick coconut milk...浓椰浆

**You can replace the coconut milk with water (edited July 2012)

150g split green bean ,soaked overnight...绿豆片,浸隔夜
2 tbsp oil...大匙食油
80g sugar...糖

To do:
1) Combine all ingredients and mix into a pilable dough. Cover with a piece of damp cloth and rest for 10 minutes.
2) filling: Steam the split green beans until soft. Remove and mash into paste while still hot. Add in remaining ingredients and mix well.

1) 皮料: 将全部材料搅拌成不黏手的面团, 用湿布盖好休息10分钟.
2) 馅料: 绿豆片放进蒸笼里大火蒸软, 取出压烂, 加入其他材料拌均匀.

Wooden angkoo mould gives a very good and sharp look~

3) Divide skin dough into 25 portions. Wrap skin with filling, shape into oval and press into angkoo mould. Knock out the dough and put on a piece of greased banana leaf.
4) Steam for 5-6 minutes, after that brush with some oil. Serve.
**If your angkoo kueh mould is the bigger type you may want to add more steaming time, add about 3 minutes or so ...^^
3) 皮料分成25份, 然后包入馅料, 做成球状按入模中, 敲出放在抹好油之香焦叶上, 用大火蒸约5-6 分钟.
4) 取出, 抹上一些油就ok了. 

~Brush a little cooking oil on top of the angkoos to prevent sticky to each other...

~Nice golden yellow colour....美美的金黄色~

~把香焦叶剪圆会比较整齐...cut the banana leaves round follow the kueh shape will look neat and nice~

~我喜欢包多多馅..很好吃....Warpped in lots of mung bean paste in this kueh wil be so yummy

*Recipe is from Yum Yum magazine volume 67..pg43.
It is a Pumpkin and green bean coconut dumplings.
**this is a repeat post with a little little changes in the ingredients and the shape ...;)
**食谱是来自 新新饮食双月刊...第67期..原本是南瓜豆泥椰丝粿, 我自己做了小小的变身.


  1. 你的金瓜龟糕很吸引人,被你吸引到,已买了才料,就快要动手做了!:)

  2. Kate, 真的好好吃,尤其是加了椰奶, 特香.你做了要通知我到你家吃噢....^^

  3. 我已经做了,但花纹却不美,不过真的很好吃。我用水代替椰奶。

  4. 呵呵..我每次都用水不过这次想来个尝试,看看味道如何??

  5. Friend, so use coconut nice or water, THanks my dear

  6. Hi Yiisan,
    Either one will do. Adding Ayer is for those who do not like coconut milk. Adding coconut milk is for those who love the aroma and the richness of coconut milk.
    You can try both and pick which you like most..:D


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