October 05, 2011

Piggy Steam Bao.....小猪猪一家(是蒸包子)

I seen this special piggy steam bao in fb friends wall. I found it is very cute so I ask this friend where did she saw this cute piggy bao. To my knowledge these piggy bao cost Rm9 a pair. For a pair of  bao Rm9 is really really expensive but this is a feature bao (PIGGY...)..What do you think??
Anyway, if you know how to DIY your own it will be very very worthy and lot of fun.

~Piggy family~

Steam bao skin ingredients:
6-7 oz water
105g sugar
500g hong kong flour add 2 tsp double action baking powder(DAB)
2 tbsp shortening
12g instant yeast

some red bean paste and 20-24 pieces of cupcake cases

To do:
1) Mix all the ingredients together to form into a smooth dough. (Mixing and kneading about 20-25 minutes)
2) Divide dough into small balls about 30-40g per piece. Take one piece divide into 2 portions and add 1 portion with pink and the other portion with orange.
3) Flatten the small balls and wrap in the filling( red bean paste) and rolled round. Place it on a piece cupcake case. Do the same to the rest of the small balls dough.
4) Roll the pink portion into long snake, cut out 2 little pieces from the end and round into cone shape and flatten it. This is the piggy's ears. Brush a little water onto the round dough (on the top of the round dough, top two corner of the part where you wanted the piggy ear to be) stick the pink ear on.
5) For the piggy nose, cut out a small piece of the orange colour  roll oblong and flatten it. Brush a little water onto the round dough where you want the nose to be and paste the flatten orange dough (nose) on. (Do not flatten too much because the nose need to be 3D effect). 
6) Use a satay stick to make 2 nose pore on the orange surface, make sure you dip the satay stick into flour before poke into the orange dough to prevent sticking.
7) When all is ready, cover all the piggy with a piece of clean cloth and rest for 20 minutes or when you sees the bao skin is smooth and soft.
8) Steam these bao over high heat for 10 minutes. Walla...it ready.

~Three little pigs~

~This one is ready to go to wok for sauna...(steam)~

~Wait for me..I am coming with you to the sauna too...^^~

~This is another piggy bao after rise for 20 minutes~

~I am freshly steam from the wok...:p~

~Please come back for recipe tomorrow...^^..do come back for me..5/10/2011.~
(this is the look of the Piggy bao after steam)

~This pair is specially make for a dear friend's for her 11th anniversary gift....^^~


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