April 01, 2015

Indonesian Pandan Coconut Kuey Lapis (印尼椰奶班兰千层糕)

Saw this Awesome Indonesian Pandan Coconut Kuey Lapis from Vic's place. 
I just can't resist not making this so i have done it :D
Thanks gorgeous for this Awesome recipe!!


天然的班兰绿色超喜欢, 你呢? 
Loving the natural green color from the pandan leaves extract

用了自己准备的天然班兰汁。。Homemade Natural Pandan Extract

来个乱乱切, 看了也有乱乱的美。。哈哈! 有够臭屁hor!! :p

小时候喜欢一层,一层,拔开慢慢吃。 QQ,香香很好吃!这个就有小时候的feel~ 哈哈!
This lapis bring back my child hood memories. Love to peel each layers off, to eat instead of biting the whole piece。..haha!!  Eating each layer with the natural aroma of coconut and pandan with the chewy texture!! Sooo nice~~

I use a medium rectangle pyrex ware to steam this lapis. Do you see some white patches on the surface of the lapis??  It is the water condensation that drip down from the wok cover.
No worries! Once it is cool, there will be no more patches

Indonesian Coconut Pandan Kuey Lapis  
Recipe refer to Victoria Bakes
Make 1  rectangle kuey

250g tapioca starch
60g rice flour
15g glutinous rice flour
220g sugar
400ml coconut milk (i use Kara brand coconut cream powder 2 packets mix with 300ml water)
235g water (i divided 235g water into 2 portions @ 118g each; one part of water i take out 50g and replace with pandan extract 50g which makes up to  118g)
12 pieces pandan leaves (i omit)

To Do:

I am using this Kara brand coconut cream powder :p

1) Divide sugar equally and add into plain water (a) and pandan extract water (b) accordingly. Stir till dissolve. Set aside.

2) Stir all the flour together, add in coconut milk, stir well, sift mixture. Divide into 2 equally portions.(pix.2)

3) Add one part of the flour mixture portion to the plain water (a) mix well. Add the second part to the pandan extract water (b) mix well. (pix 3 and 4)

4) Prepared a steamer/wok, bring water to boil. With medium heat, alternate coconut and pandan mixture and steam for 5 minutes (i used a ladle (90ml) for each layer - pix 5) 
Steam the last layer for 30 minutes. note that need not grease the mould.

5) After steaming allow the lapis to cool completely before unmoulding. According to Vic do not slice the lapis with a sawing motion but slice with definite stroke to have a clean and neat cut. 

My notes:
1. Stir and pour the coconut or pandan mixture for every layer before pouring to steam. (pix 7 and 9) Doing this will give the mixture a balance blend between the liquid and the flour. Starch or rice flour will normally stagnate at the bottom if it is left, sit for sometimes.

2. I use plastic spatula to cut my lapis as it do not stick and give neat/clean cuts too.



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  1. Mui Mui,好高兴认识你^^

  2. If not mistaken, this kuih tastes so much like dodol and very springy too. My hubby loves it a lot. He just mentioned it the other day. Probably, I will have to make one batch soon. hehe...
    Enjoy & have a lovely evening.
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. mui mui, your kueh is lovely! I also love to eat layer by layer.

  4. Hi Mui Mui, I ate this kuih during a Food Fair in Bangkok. It was very sweet and chewy. Yours looks much tempting.

  5. 也是漂亮的咧,厉害呢,嘿嘿!!

  6. wow wow lah! yours look very good ar.... 不愧是名副其实的千层糕达人哦.... 谢谢您的呼唤哈


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