October 31, 2013

Rye and Milk French Bread (黑麦牛奶面包)

Bought this book "The Second Book of Baking for Beginners" by Carol Hu on its launching time in Popular bookstore. There is always some special offer on launching time and this book is given a special  rebate of 30% plus member discount of 10%. I can't be more happy seeing this offer and grab the book straight away :D 

黑麦法国面包,灵感来自于Carol Hu老师的奶油法国面包,
这法国面包的造型我特喜欢。像是片叶子漂亮的很。不晓得你觉得如何呢? 感觉很乡村的味道. 之前没做过这种面包,还以为会很难。经过这次的尝试做这法国面包,其实还好不会很难呗!
This leaf shape french bread have been on my to do list for sometimes. Have been wondering how to shape this bread into this triangle leaf shape until i saw the step by step tutorial in Carol's book ^_^

 Let see how its done in below tutorial.. 看看如何把面团做成 三角型.

pic 1 
1) After punch down  and expel out the air from the dough, roll it flat like a disc.
2) Cut into 8 portions
3) Shape each portion into a ball with the palm of your hand.
4) Let it sit for 15 minutes. Covered.
5) Take a small dough, roll it out into a flat semi-round shape.
6) Fold the top into the middle.
7) Do the same to the bottom part. You can see the two piece meet in the middle.
8) Fold both side together and seal it tightly. It looks like a rugby shape.

 pic 2
9) Fold the dough, let the two sharp end meet together.
10) It will becomes a triangle shape dough.
11) Turn to the side and seal the side tightly by pinching the two side together.
12) Seal it  neat and tightly, this is to prevent it from open up when it is being proof and bake.

13) Arrange them neatly into a greased and lined with parchment paper baking tray. (i arrange 8 in a tray in my first attempt and they are too close and after proofing they all stick together. The second attempt i arrange them 6 in a tray and 2 in another tray)
Spray some water onto the buns. Cover and let it proof for 40-50 minutes or double its size.

14) Dust with some bread flour.
15) Make few diagonal cuts with a sharp knife. ( i use blade for shaving to make the cuts. Apply a little oil onto the blade for easy cutting)
16) These bread are ready to send into the oven.


My family love this crusty, chewy  and soft crumbs bread.

Rye flour (黑麦粉)

Rye and Milk French style bread  (黑麦牛奶面包)
recipe source, adapted from "The Second Book of Baking for Beginners" by Carol Hu
method: straight dough (直接法)
Yields:8 buns

For bread dough:
270 g bread flour (i ran out of bread flour so i use 140 g bread flour and 130 g low protein flour/all purpose flour)
30 g low protein flour/ all purpose flour (i use 30 g rye flour)
1/4 tsp sea salt
25 g castor sugar
1/2 tsp instant yeast
150 ml milk
1 egg (50g)
30 g olive oil

For decoration:
Extra bread flour for dusting

To Do:
(i am using bread machine to mix and knead the bread dough)

1.  Add milk, sugar, salt, bread flour, plain flour and rye flour into the bread pan. Make a well in the flour and add instant yeast into it. Add butter, putting it at the corner of the flour. Use dough function to mix and knead the dough. Then the dough will sit in the bread pan for the first proof about 60 minutes or double its size.

2.  When the dough is ready (after the first proof) take it out punch down to expel air, roll it round and let it sit for 15 minutes , covered with a piece of cloth. (i only let the dough sit for 10 minutes) Using a rolling pin rolled the dough out into a flat disc.

3. Shaped the dough into triangle shape. (refer to pic 1 and pic 2)

4. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown.

5. Let bread cool on wire rack. Enjoy~

For those who uses a stand mixer 
  • Add all ingredients except butter in a mixing bowl, knead till smooth dough.
  • Add in the butter and knead until dough is smooth and elastic. Round the dough round and spray dough with some water. Put into a greased bowl then cover with cling film and set aside to proof till double in size.
  • Proceed to no 2 from the above.
I am submitting this post to Cook-Your-Book #5 hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours.

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  1. Hi Doreen,
    This is such a lovely bread! I have some dark rye flour, but mine is a much lighter shade.
    I am so jealous that you have this book! haha!
    Thanks for linking with CYB!

  2. Looks amazing ..... on how to shape the bread dough on your tutorial pics. Thank you for sharing...... and now it is my to do list already.

  3. Mui Mui, i haven't made bread for a long time, love your bread & the shaping process!

  4. Doreen , those are the prettiest bread I've seen so far ! Just love the shape and the leaf design :D I think It's time to buy that rye flour that I've been eyeing for quiet sometime :P


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