May 07, 2015

Fruity Yogurt Smoothies 水果思慕雪

Hi everyone! 
Hope that you are having a great day ahead after a short holiday!
In this exciting month of May 'Little Thumbs Up' event is having
Cheryl from Baking Tai Tai to host with us. Her theme for May is 'YOGURT'  Zoe and i would like to welcome Cheryl on board. LTU May event have kick off on 1st of May. Like i said it is a excited month, Cheryl wanted to start on 1st.

 Before i go any further i would like to thank our April host that was Diana from The Domestic Goddess of Wannabe  for being such a fabulous host and also thanks to dear blogger friends who have shared your wonderful recipes to LTU. I have learned loads of new chicken recipes through out the whole month of April. If you have missed the show please visit here

Baking Tai Tai Cheryl领队。Zeo和我很欢迎你,Cheryl.  她选来的主题是健康的优格(酸奶)只要跟优格有关系的都可以参与。有Cheryl和优格,这兴奋的五月肯定活力满满。活动在5月一号开跑了。
好玩的四月份以过去,在此要感谢来自The Domestic Goddess of Wannabe的Diana用心的主持。也感恩各位格友们的分享,让活动更有内容和更好玩。如果您错过4月的小拇指活动, 可以到看看
This is a better choice for a healthier beverage. These frosty beverage makes a great start to the day or a mid-morning snack or even a after dinner dessert. My kids love to have dessert after dinner. 
They always ask 2 questions before dinner. 
1st question     'What's for dinner mum?' 
2nd questions  'Any dessert after dinner, mum?'

Fruity Yogurt Smoothies  水果思慕雪
水果思慕雪,是另一种选择更健康的饮料。饮料里面采用了新鲜或冰冻水果,优格,鲜奶放入 搅拌器,搅拌成顺滑的饮料。水果思慕雪可当早餐或饭后甜品!我家宝贝们特喜欢!
每每在晚餐前宝贝们都会问 “眯,今晚吃什么?”
再来就问“眯,今晚有甜品吗?” 哈哈~

Smooth and creamy smoothie  

Using frozen fruits and yogurt makes them extra smooth and creamy. 
To prepare this smoothie is simple and easy.  Just add frozen fruits (i use strawberry. home grown mulberry and banana) yogurt, brown sugar and milk into the blender. Then puree until it is smooth. 

Fruity Yogurt Smoothies 水果思慕雪
Recipe share by my little favourite DIY
makes 6 small bottles (a bottle is 140ml)

1/4 cup frozen strawberries and home grown mulberries (or any other fruits of your choice)
1 frozen banana
3-4Tbsp brown sugar
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup greek plain yogurt 

To Do:
In a blender, add in frozen strawberries, mulberries, banana, brown sugar, yogurt, milk and blend into smooth puree. Pour and serve~



This post is linked to the event; Little Thumbs Up organised by 
Zoe from Bake for Happy Kids and myself, my little favourite DIY, hosted by
 Cheryl from Baking Tai Tai
with her May 2015 theme - YOGURT
Please link your post - here

Little Thumbs Up event starts on first Tuesday until the last day of the month.   
All are welcome to join us.
To join simply cook or bake any recipe with the theme of the month, which is Yogurt for  2015. May. Do display this Little Thumbs Up badge and make sure that:
1) Your post must be a current post, preferably within this month
2) Please mention Little Thumbs Up in your post and link back to Bake for Happy Kidsmy little favourite DIY or/and Cheryl from Baking Tai Tai For more details please see this
                   I am also submitting this post to Best Recipes For Everyone 2015
                             'My Favorite Desserts" event,organised by
               Fion of Xuanhom's mum Kitchen Diary and co-host by Aunty Young.



  1. So yummy Fruity Yogurt Smoothies ! Can I bring my milkshake to exchange with you ?! hee ... hee...

  2. 加多一汤匙的 protein powder 更加饱满哦。好棒,好棒。

  3. What a simple and delicious yogurt drink!

  4. Doreen , love yogurt though I seldom buy it esp Greek yogurt which is a bit expensive here , yup , even Nestle , the same one that you've used :D That fruity yogurt smoothie looks pretty refreshing , I wouldn't mind a glass or 2 ......

  5. N my question before your kids' questions... m i invited? ^^ loving this fruity smoothy.. 滑不溜口哈

  6. 营养丰富,健康好喝,我羡慕你的家人呢。

  7. 营养丰富,健康好喝,我羡慕你的家人呢。

  8. Hi Doreen, thank you for having me at this month's LTU. My kids always ask the second! I'll love to have this healthy fruity yogurt smoothie anytime!

  9. Your kids are so blessed to have such a loving mum like you!

  10. Oh yes! You're such an amazing mom! I love smoothies! Soo good!

  11. 饭后来一杯。。。舒服啊!

  12. mui, 迟了过来。。。这好料很ngam我的喉咙, 不知还有吗?


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